Sunday, 01 November 2009 11:50

Site Updated on November 1st: Reset Bookmarks

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A series of unintended consequences took the site down today unexpectedly.  Now, you should find:

  • Improved stability of news feeds (though all are still not displaying correctly, including TWU and EMU)
  • New features in the Community, including group video and photo walls, plus photo tagging
  • A new contact form
  • RSS feeds of Today's News is available.  Go click on the RSS link in the News section, Latest News.
  • Small bug fixes

Please report any issues you may find, as this upgrade did not go smoothly.

Due to a software conflict, a change was made to the way the page URLs appear in your browser.  What this means in plain English is some URLs may have changed and you will need to update your bookmarks if you have have bookmarked specific pages in the site.

You may also need to clear your browser cache, as some locations within the site have changed.

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