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Friday, 22 January 2016 20:53

Florida 197.075 at Auburn 195.9

Florida powered to a win at host Auburn, who sold out the arena for the second time in history.  Gator Bridget Sloan led the way, winning the UB and the AA (39.575).  Teammate Alex McMurtry added wins on VT and BB.  Gator Kennedy Baker took the FX with a 9.95.   

Link:  AU Release

Friday, 22 January 2016 20:43

Georgia 195.35 at Missouri 195.8

A consistent but young Missouri squad defeated UGA, leg by frosh Britney Ward.  Ward won the BB and tied for the vault title with UGA's Sydney Snead, Brittany Rogers and Brandie Jay.  Teammate Kennedi Harris won the FX.  For UGA, Natalie Vaculik took the UB.   UGA's Brandie Jay posted a 39.475 in her first ever NCAA all around, but her other teammates struggled once again on BB, posting just a 47.675 as a team. 

Link:  Release

Friday, 22 January 2016 20:41

UW La Crosse 184.8 at Hamline 181.325

Host Hamline posted a season high but it wasn't enough as defending NCGA champ Wisconsin-La Crosse took the win.

Link:  Hamline Release

Lindenwood posted a 192.15 to win the tri-meet.  They were led by Kierstin Sokolowski, who won the AA with a 38.8.  She also took the VT.  Illinois State's Amanda Mohler won the UB while teammate Demi Pas took the BB.  For Ball State, Denasiha Christian won the FX title. 

Link:  Illinois St Release

Friday, 22 January 2016 20:33

Arkansas 196.7 at Alabama 196.4

A consistent Arkansas squad edged Bama at home.  Bama suffered three breaks on the BB to post a 48.325 on the event.  Arkansas was led by Amada Wellick, who tied for the VT title with Bama's Nickie Guerrero and the AA with Bama's Lauren Beers at 38.95.  Bama swept the top six spots on UB, led by Kiana Winston.  On BB, Aja Sims posted a 9.95 for the Crimson Tide victory, but three breaks proved costly.  Bama's Amanda Jetter won the FX. 

Link:  Bama Release

Monday, 18 January 2016 20:50

Washington 194.65 at Arizona State 192.45

Washington's Allison Northey posted a 39.175 to win her second AA of the season and lead UW to an easy win over ASU.  She also tied for the UB title with teammate Kaitlyn Duranczyk and on BB with teammate Joslyn Goings.  For ASU, Taylor Allex won VT and FX. 

Link:  UW Release

Friday, 15 January 2016 19:33

BYU 193.575 at CMU 194.775

Frosh Kasey Janowicz won the AA with a 39.0 to lead the Chippewas to the win over BYU.  Teammate Taylor Bolender added a 9.9 win on FX, while teammate Katy Clements won the BB.  Chippewa Megan Lamphere won the UB.  On VT, CMU's Karlee Teet and BYU's Mackenzie Douglas tied for the title. 

Link: CMU Release

Kendall Valentin led a 1-2-3 EMU sweep of the VT as EMU scored a big win.  Maryland's Abbie Epperson took the UB.  For Pitt, Lindsay Offutt won the BB, FX and the AA (39.1).   

Link:  Pitt Release

Saturday, 09 January 2016 21:49

Army 403.4 at PSU 424.45

PSU scored its 47th straight victory over Army on Saturday afternoon.  Trevor Howard led the way for the Nittany Lions, winning the AA with an 85.5.  He also won the SR andf VT.  Teammates Alexis Torres and Leroy Clark, Jr added a pair of wins.  Torres won FX and tied with Clarke on PH.  Clarke won the PB.  Army's Jesse Glenn won the HB. 

Link: PSU Release

Friday, 08 January 2016 21:27

Lindenwood 192.675 at SEMO 191.975

Led by Kierstin Sokolowski VT win, LU used a balanced effort to defeat rival SEMO.  Lion Valeri Ingui tied for the UB title with SEMO's Lauren Israel.  SEMO frosh McKinzie Jones won the BB and FX.  Teammate Ashley Thomas led a trio of AAers for the Redhawks. 

Link:  LU Release

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