DU posted the big quad win in the meet hosted by Bama, posting a 196.275 to defeat Bama (196.175), Michigan (196.025) and BGSU (189.675).  DU used clean and consistent routines throughout to hold off the Tide on their final event, the UB.  They used a win from Lynzee Brown and…
Friday, 11 January 2019 20:31

LSU 196.275 at Auburn 196.7

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Host Auburn scored a big win over LSU, led by frosh Derrian Gobourne.  She won VT, FX and tied for the AA title with LSU's Sarah Finnegan. AU's Abby Milliet won BB and tied on the UB with Finnegan and her LSU teammates Lexie Priessman and Kennedi Edney. Link:  Release
Friday, 11 January 2019 20:23

UGA 195.3 at OU 197.825

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Oklahoma easily defeated the guests from Georgia, 197.825 to 195.3.  They were lead once again by Maggie Nichols, who posted a 39.65 in the AA.  She also tied for the UB title with teammate Brenna Dowell and the FX with Sooner frosh Olivia Trautman.  OU's Anastasia Webb won BB while…
Friday, 11 January 2019 20:12

SEMO 180.925 at Iowa 194.7

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Iowa posted a solid 194.7 to defeat the visitors from SEMO (180.925).  Iowa picked up wins from frosh Lauren Guerin on FX and frosh Bridget Killian tied senior teammate Misty-Jade Carlson on VT.  The GymHawk's Nicole Chow won BB. For SEMO, Anna Kaziska won BB and posted a 38.825 to…
Friday, 11 January 2019 20:09

Illinois State 190.05 at CMU 195.275

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CMU posted a solid 195.275 as their rolled to a home win over Illinois State.  CMU's Gianna Plaska won the AA (39.05), UB and tied for the FX title with teammate Nora Fettinger. The Chippewa's Skyler Memmel won the BB. For Illinois State, Meredith LaRoche won VT. Link:  CMU Release
Friday, 11 January 2019 20:06

Missouri 196.45 at Florida 197.3

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The Gators opened their season with a slow start but held off the Tigers, 197.3 to 196.45.  Florida's Alicia Boren won the AA with a 39.575 and tied for 1st on VT, BB and FX. Gator frosh Nya Reed shared the FX title, teammate Rachel Gowey shared the BB title…
Friday, 11 January 2019 19:27

UW La Crosse 184.125 at UW Eau Claire 181.1

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UW La Crosse defeated host UW Eau Claire, paced by wins from Megan Hawkins on VT, Dani Barmore on UB and Jessica Ahrens on BB.  For Eau Claire, Kiya Bjorge won the FX.  Link:  Results
Wednesday, 09 January 2019 10:40

Brockport St 186.575 at Cortland St 182.95

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Brockport State defeated host Cortland State 186.575 to 182.95 on Tuesday night.  Brockport swept the individual events, with Stephanie Mager winning Vault and Candis Kowalik winning UB.  Taylor Keough won FX whil Alexis Frankowski and Dorothy Wernick tied for the BB title.  Link:  Release
Monday, 07 January 2019 21:22

UNH 193.525 at SUU 193.7

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SUU held off the visitors from UNH, led by wins from Hannah Nipp on BB and Karen Gonzalez and Molly Jozwiakowski on FX. For UNH, senior Danielle Mulligan won the UB and the AA (38.975). Calssmate Erin Carroll won VT.
Monday, 07 January 2019 08:08

Women's National Rankings for the Week of January 7th

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OU posted the top score of the weekend and leads the Women's National Rankings for the week of January 7th, 2019, as compiled with RoadtoNationals.com.
Sunday, 06 January 2019 18:18

UW Oshkosh 181.925 at Hamline 183.525

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Host Hamline triumped over UW Oshkosh on Sunday afternoon.  They were paced by Lydia Ingram's win on UB and Darby Slater's meet-high 9.675 win on FX.    For Oshkosh, Emily Gilot won VT and the AA (36.8).  Teammate Olivia Keller won BB.  .  Link:  Release
Stanford took the NorCal Classic at the Hornet gym on a stormy Sunday.  Stanford's Kyla Bryant won the AA with a 39.475, stepping into the lead scorer role for the Cardinal by earning at least a tie for every event. She also won UB and BB, and tied for titles…
CMU used a 49.125 FX in the final rotation to hold off Arizona and win the quad meet.  CMU's Denelle Pedrick won the BB and tied for the FX title with UB's Maya Reimers to lead the Chippewas to the win.  Arizona's Maddie Leydin won VT and the AA (39.05). …
Saturday, 05 January 2019 19:28

PSU 194.45 at Utah 197.175

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Utahb posted a 197.175 to defeat the visitors from Penn State (194.45).  Utah's McKayla Skinner won VT, BB and FX with matching scores of 9.95s en route to a 39.7 AA win.  Skinner stuck her double twisting Yurchenko, debuted a new Ray on UB and hit both her double-double and…
Saturday, 05 January 2019 19:26

Kentucky 195.975 at TWU 192.6

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UK's Alex Hyland won the VT and tied for the UB with teammate Mollie Korth and BB with teammate Sydney Dukes. She won the AA with a 39.375. TWU's Bria Northrup won the FX. Link:  Results Link:  TWU Release            
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