Saturday, 08 February 2020 19:56

Men's: Navy 407.7, Army 394.1, Air Force

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#6 Navy claimed the All Academy Championships, held in San Antonio.   Josh Williams led Navy with wins on FX and R.  Senior Lucas Beltran won VT while classmate Ben Provost won HB.   Air Force's Ethan Esval won PH while Army's Matthew Davis won the PB.  Link:  Navy Release
Saturday, 08 February 2020 19:51

Maryland 193.575 at Nebraska 196.175

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Husker Taylor Houchin won VT, BB and the AA with a 39.4. Teammate Adnerys de Jesus completed a sweep with wins on UB and FX. Link:  Release
Saturday, 08 February 2020 19:49

WVU 195.075, GWU 192.9, Brown 191.4 at UNH 195.85

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UNH's Kylie Gorgenyi won the VT and AA (39.15). Teammate Riley Freehling won UB while teammate Hailey Lui won BB. Emma Winer completed a sweep for UNH. Link:  GWU Release
Saturday, 08 February 2020 19:46

RIC 180.25 at Bridgeport 193.95

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UB swept the top four places on every event to celebrate Senior Night.  Senior Maya Reimers won the BB and the FX with a career high 9.95.  Teammate Julianna Roland won VT and the AA with a 39.1.  Hayley Bangart completed the sweep with a win on UB.  Link:  UB…
Saturday, 08 February 2020 16:46

SPU 193.75, Illinois State 193.65 at Air Force 193.425

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SPU won a close tri-meet hosted by Air Force.  SPU was led by Darian Burns, who won VT and FX en route to a 39.375 AA win. Air Force's Anna Salamone won UB while teammate Briona Carswell won BB. Link:  Release
Saturday, 08 February 2020 15:09

LSU 196.8, ASU 195.6 at Oregon State 196.7

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LSU's Kiya Johnson won the VT and AA (39.575) and tied for the UB title with teammate Kai Rivers and ASU's Cairo Leonard-Baker. For OSU, Maela Lazaro won BB and Isis Lowery and Kaitlyn Yanish tied for the FX title. Link:  LSU Release
Saturday, 08 February 2020 14:44

MSU 195.675 at Rutgers 193.8

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MSU's Lea Mitchell won the FX and the AA with a 39.3.  Teammates Ella Douglas and Nyah Smith tied with Rutgers' Kaitlyn Hall for the VT title.  RU's Shannon Farrell won UB while teammate Erin McLachlan won the BB. Link:  Release
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:50

Men's: Washington 375.55 at Minnesota 398.0

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Minnesota defeated Washington 287.625 to 281.475 in a meet called "Flashback Friday" where all scores were reset from the open-ended FIG scoring system to the old 10.0 system using a conversion formula.  Frosh Donte McKinney led the way, winning PH, VT and HB.  Teammate Mark Moran won the FX while…
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:47

San Jose State 193.525 at UC Davis 194.6

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Senior Cammi Johnson tied for the AA in her debut, with the highest ever first time AA mark in school history.  She tied for the AA title with SJSU's Taylor Chan at 39.225.  Johnson also won the VT while Chan also won the FX.  Spartan teammate Jada Mazury won the…
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:45

CMU 194.85 at SUU 197.225

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Southern Utah blasted to a 197.225 to easily defeat the visitors from CMU.  The Thunderbird broke the previous school record of 197.025, also set at home, in 2017.  SUU picked up wins from Shylen Murakami on UB & Hannah Nipp on BB. Teammate Madison McBride tied w/ CMU's Denelle Pedrick…
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:44

Sac State 193.0 at Boise State 196.625

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BYU posted a 196.625 to defeat Sac State's season-high 193.0.  BYU's Shannon Evans won the AA with a 39.475. She won the UB and tied on FX with teammates Abbey and Sadie Miner. S. Miner also tied for the VT title with teammate Avery Bennett. Sac St's Amber Koeth won…
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:42

Boise State 193.85 at Utah State 195.675

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USU easily defeated a short-handed Boise State squad.  USU's Autumn DeHarde won BB and FX. Teammate Leighton Varnadore took the AA with a 39.2. Aggie Brittany Jeppesen tied for 1st on UB with Boise St's Gabriela Bouza and Maddi Nilson. Bouza won the VT. Link:  Release
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:40

Mizzou 196.85 at Bama 197.55

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Mizzou posted a season high but it wasn't enough to defeat host Bama's 197.55.  Bama's Lexi Graber won the AA with a 39.65. She also tied for the VT title with Mizzou's Hannah McCrary. Teammate Maddie Desch won FX while the Tide's Shea Mahoney and Makarri Doggette tied for the…
Friday, 07 February 2020 21:30

PSU 195.425 at Illinois 195.725

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Illinois held off PSU in a tight meet in Champaign.  Illini Kylie Noonan won BB and teammates Shaylah Scott & Karen Howell tied on FX w/ PSU's Lauren Bridgens. Bridgens also won the AA (39.275) & tied for the UB title with teammate Tess McCracken. PSU's Cassidy Rushlow & Alissa…
Whitewater posted a season high to win the Harley-Davison Invitational.   Blaise Wilson won the AA with a 38.35 to lead her squad.  Teammates Emily North and Karina Sabol won BB and FX, respectively.  For Oshkosh, Tinity Sawyer won VT and Baylee Tkaczuk won another UB title.  Link:  Release
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