Saturday, 10 August 2019 23:14

US Championships: Mikulak Wins Sixth Title

Written by Greg

Former NCAA champ and Michigan star Sam Mikuak won his sixth US title, tying Makoto Sakamoto for the number of wins.  Former NCAA champ Yul Moldauer was 2nd, with another NCAA champ, Akash Modi (former Stanford), in 3rd.  Minnesota's Shane Wiskus was the top current collegian in 4th.  Mikulak dominated, winning FX PH, PB and HB.  Former Illinois standout Alex Diab won the Rings and Wiskus won the VT title. 

The World Championship team squad was also named:  The top four plus former OU star Allan Bower, former PSU star Trevor Howard, Donnell Whittenburg and former Sooner Collin Van Wicklen.  They will compete for spots on the actual World Championships team.  Also named to the National Team were former Ohio State star Sean Melton, PSU's Stephen Nedoroscik, former Stanford star Robert Neff and former Ohio State star Alec Yoder. 

Colt Walker won the junior 17-18 title.  He also won VT and PB.  Garrett Braunton took 2nd (1st on R) while Minnesota frosh Crew Bold was 3rd.  Stanford frosh JR Chou won the FX while OU frosh Lazarus Barnhill won the PH and HB. 

In the junior 15-16 division, Taylor Burkhart slipped ahead of Nicolas Kuebler for the title. 

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