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Friday, 03 March 2023 21:05

Illinois St 195.025 at SEMO 195.0

Angelica Labat won the AA with a 39.4 and the BB to lead Illinois St. She also tied for 1st on VT with teammate Alana Laster and SEMO's Lindsay Ockler. Ockler won the UB. SEMO's Madison Greene won the FX.

Link: Ill St Release

LSU edged by Cal at the Purple & Gold Podium Meet in Baton Rouge.  Haleigh Bryant led the way for the Tigers, winning the AA and tying for the VT title with teammate Chase Brock.  Cal's eMjae Frazier won the FX with a 10 while teammate Andi Li tied for the UB title with Washington's Lilly Tubbs.  GWU's Deja Chambliss won BB.    

Link:  Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 20:07

Men's: W&M 386.0 at PSU 400.9

Ian Raubel won the AA (81.25) and the HB, with a career-high 13.9.  Frosh teammate Matt Underhill added wins on R and VT.  Their teammates completed a sweep:  Ethan Dick won PH, Will Fleck won FX, and Josh Karnes won PB.  

Link:  Release

UW-La Crosse was led by wins from Alex Wood on VT and Jessica Taylor on FX.  Teammate Rachel Chesley tied for 1st on UB with Stout's Kiara Brown.  Stout's Effie Ferguson won BB.

Link:  Results

The Gusties were led by wins from Marley Michaud on VT, Annie Corbett on VT and Olivia Jahnke on FX.  Hamline's Laurel Raymond and Lily Ramsdell tied for 1st on BB.  

Link:  Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 19:16

Alabama 196.75 at Missouri 197.075

Luisa Blanco led Bama with a 10 on BB and a win on FX. Teammate Shallon Olson won VT and the Tide's Makarri Doggette won UB. But, Mizzou stayed consistent on all four events for the win, while Bama posted just a 48.75 on FX.

Link:  Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 19:13

BYU 195.575 at Ohio St 196.675

Buckeye Sydney Jennings won VT while teammate Colby Miller won UB. Ohio St's Payton Harris tied with BYU's Heidi Schooley for 1st on the FX. BYU's Elease Rollins won BB.

Link:  Ohio St Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 19:12

W&M 193.05 at PSU 196.875

PSU celebrated Senior Night with a win over W&M.  PSU was led by Ava Piedrahita, who won VT, FX and tied for the BB title with teammates Cassidy Rushlow and Maddie Johnston. She also tied for the AA title at 39.425 with Johnston. PSU's Gabrielle Gallentine won the UB.

Link:  Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 19:11

Air Force 193.85 at UNC 196.475

Lali Dekanoidze won VT and UB to lead UNC to the win. Teammate Julia Knower won FX while Tar Heel Gwen Fink won the AA (39.1). UNC's Elizabeth Culton and Hannah Nam tied for 1st on BB.

Link:  UNC Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 19:09

Ball State 196.375 at BGSU 196.0

Megan Teter won UB and tied for the FX title with BGSU's Kathryn Weilbacher. Ball St's Victoria Henry won the VT. Weilbacher took the AA with a 39.425 while her teammate Megan Bingham won the BB.

Link:  BGSU Release

Friday, 03 March 2023 19:08

MSU 197.5, LIU 194.625 at EMU 194.9

Gabrielle Stephen won VT and BB to lead MSU. Teammate Nikki Smith won UB while teammates Nyah Smith and Skyla Schulte tied for 1st on FX. EMU's Ella Chemotti won the AA with a 39.1.

Link:  Release

Thursday, 02 March 2023 21:23

UNH 194.85 at Penn 194.35

Robyn Kelley won the BB to lead UNH to the win. For Penn, Kiersten Belkoff won VT, Kristen Kuhn won UB and Emma Davies won FX.

Link:  Release

UW-Eau Claire took the tri-meet win on Thursday, led by Harriet Toth.  Toth won the UB and the AA with a 37.35.  Teammate Liliana Shank won the BB.  For Winona State, Kennedy O'Connor won VT and Izzy Kropiwiec won the FX.  

Link:  Winona St Release

Maryland was led by a win from Aleka Tsiknias on UB and a tie for 1st on BB between Terp Josephine Kogler and West Chester's Kristina Rodriguez. Towson's Camille Vitoff won VT.  Temple's Ashley Glynn won the AA with a 39.175 while teammates Renee Schugman and Brooke Donabedian tied for the FX title.

Link:  UMD Release

Thursday, 02 March 2023 13:17

Alaska-Anchorage 190.125 at BYU 196.35

In a rare Wednesday morning meet, BYU triumphed over the visitors from UAA.  BYU's Sophie Dudley won FX and tied for the BB title with teammate Madison Raesly-Patton.  BYU's Sydney Benson and Kylie Eaquinto tied for first on VT.  On UB, Cougars Lindsey Hunter and Anyssa Alvarado shared the top spot.  

Link:  Release

Thursday, 02 March 2023 04:56

2024-5 Emma Duerre to Towson

Emma Duerre, Roswell Gymnastics, qualified to nationals last season (54th AA).  She recently placed 1st AA and 1st on beam and floor in her session of the Gasparilla Classic


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