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The NCAA stars of tomorrow are competing for titles this weekend at the Women's Development Program (WDP) Level 10 Nationals  The vast majority of future NCAA starting lineups come from the WDP L10 ranks.  They are divided into age groups, A through F, in junior and senior division.  Most of the incoming frosh are in Senior F, E and most of D.  Most of the 2025 grads, or incoming for 2025-2026, are in Sr C, B and much of A.  Here are the Top 10 AAer per division and event winners.  Their college choices are noted, where known.

The Women's Development Program L10 Nationals kicked off this week, with the All-Star session.  This competition was split into East and West sessions, with the top two All-Arounders and top five event finishers, regardless of age division, from each Regional.   The top AAer and top 3 event finishes from each session are summarized below, along with their colleges and year of graduation, if applicable.  Click the session name for the full results.  

LSU's Haleigh Bryant was named the winner of the 2024 Honda Award for gymnastics.

Link:  LSU Release

Thursday, 09 May 2024 13:02

Utah Hires Hunger as Assistant

Utah has the former owner/coach of the Twin City Twisters, Mike Hunger, as an assistant. He's also served as a staff coach for the US National team.  He will focus on VT and help on FX.

Link:  Utah Release

UGA has announced the hiring of Oleksii Koltakov and Marissa King as assistant coaches. The married couple have spent the last two seasons at Nebraska and worked with UGA co-Head Coach Ryan Roberts at Bama.  Koltakov is a former member of the Ukraine National Team and King is a former NCAA VT champ and 11 time All-American at Florida and Olympian for Great Britain.  She also worked for Cirque du Soleil, as did Koltakov.   

Link:  Release

Thursday, 02 May 2024 21:58

Transfer: Weilbacher to LSU

Kathryn Weilbacher, a junior at BGSU, will transfer to LSU for next season.  She was the top AAer at BGSU, hitting a career high 39.5 and sharing the MAC FX title in 2024.  She also scored a perfect 9.95 out of 9.95 (Start Value) on VT in 2024. 

Link:  Insta

Thursday, 02 May 2024 21:53

Transfer: Rivelli to Kentucky

Isabelle "Izzy" Rivelli, a sophomore at BGSU, will transfer to Kentucky for next season.  She was a standout on UB for the Falcons, placing 3rd at the MAC Championships. 

Link:  Insta


Thursday, 02 May 2024 21:40

2025-2026: Reddick to CMU

Alexandra Reddick, a Canadian L10 from the Ottawa Gym Centre, has committed to a full scholarship at CMU, starting in 2025-2026.  She recently placed 1st on VT and in the AA at the 2024 Ontario Championships.  She posted a 9.95 and a high 38.4 under the Canadian L10 rules.  As a junior high performance athlete (elite), she placed 12th AA at the 2022 Canadian Championships. 

Link:  Insta

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 21:30

2025-2026: R. Harris to Boise State

Rilyn Harris, a L10 from Arizona Dynamics, has committed to continue her academic and athletic career at Boise State, starting in 2025-2026.  She recently finished 12th AA at the Region 1 L10 Regionals in the Sr. A division.  She also qualified to Regionals in 2023. 

Link:  Insta

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 13:37

Transfer: Wier to Missouri

Amy Wier, who completed three years of study at OU, will transfer to Missouri for next season as she pursues graduate studies.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2024 17:00

2024-2025: Cady Chiu to UC Davis

Cady Chiu, a L10 from HITS, has committed to UC Davis, starting in 2024-2025.  She recently finished 1st on BB and placed 5th AA at the Region 2 L10 Regionals.  She missed most of the 2023 season but placed 36th AA at the 2022 Women's Development Program L10 Nationals.  

Link:  Insta

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 16:57

2024-2025: Knecht to UC Davis

UC Davis has added McKenna Knecht for 2024-2025.  She's a L10 at North Valley Gymnastics (AZ) who tied for 3rd on UB at the Airzona L10 State meet (Sr. C).  She also qualified to the Region 1 L10 Regionals on VT and UB.  

Link:  Insta 

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 16:48

2024-2025: Hernandez to SEMO

Joselyn Hernandez has signed with SEMO.  She's a L10 from Realis Gymnastics.  She recently placed 11th AA and tied for 2nd on VT at the Region 1 L10 Regionals (Sr. E).  She also placed 12th at Regionals in 2023.  

Link:  Insta

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 16:40

2024-2025: Alvarez to Air Force

Larissa Alvarez, a L10 from Wildfire, has committed to the Air Force Academy, starting in 2024-2025.  She recently finished 3rd on UB and 9th AA at the Region 1 L10 Regionals, qualifying to Nationals as an All-Star in the AA.      

Link:  Insta

Monday, 29 April 2024 08:00

2025-2026: Christian Switches to Utah

Norah Christian, a senior elite from Cascade Elite West, has committed to Utah.  She originally was committed to Auburn.

Link:  Insta

The event finals were held at the Pacific Rim Championships on Sunday, April 28th, and US athletes ended the meet collecting a total of 17 medals, including both Men's and Women's Team Championships.  Former OU star, NCAA and US champion, World Championship Medalist and Oympian added three more golds on Sunday, winning FX, PB and tying for the still rings gold with teammate Cameron Bock.  Bock, the former Michigan star, won silver on PB and bronze on HB.  NU signee Caden Clinton won a bronze on PH.  The US men won the gold in the team competition, beating Canada by 19.35 points.  

The US women won gold on Saturday by 19.2 points.  2026 grad Jayla Hang won the AA with 2026 grad Kieryn Finnell in 2nd.  On Sunday, 2026 grad Simone Rose won golds on UB and FX, with Finnell taking the BB.  Hang won a silver on FX and bronzes on both UB and BB.      

Link:  Release/Results

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