Friday, 12 February 2010 21:07

Illinois State 191.375 at UIC 189.35

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Erica Shick won the UB and AA (38.657) to lead the Redbirds to victory over UIC. Teammate Hannah Deutsch picked up ties on BB (with teammate Melissa Mann) and FX (with UIC's Kayleigh Kremer). UIC's Chantel Turk won the VT. Link: UIC Release
Friday, 12 February 2010 20:59

Iowa State 196.225 at OU 197.25

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Number 1 OU posted its highest score since 2004, a 197.25 to defeat visiting Iowa State. On VT, OU's Mary Mantle and Jackie Flanery tied for the title. On UB, teammates Hollie Vise and Megan Ferguson shared honors. Ferguson and Vise tied again on BB, with Kristin Smith joining them…
Friday, 12 February 2010 20:55

Ohio State 192.8 at WVU 195.65

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WVU's Amy Bieski won the AA with a 39.25, including wins on the FX and UB (tied with teammate Nicole Roach). WVU dominated the remaining events, with Chelsi Tabor and and Ashley Wilson splitting the VT title, and Shelly Purkat and Kiersten Spoerke tying on BB. Link: WVU Release
Friday, 12 February 2010 20:52

TWU 190.775 at LSU 196.475

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LSU posted a new season high of 196.475, behind National AA leader Susan Jackson's 39.525 AA tally. Jackson also won the VT and BB. Teammate Summer Hubbard won the UB, while teammate Kayla Rogers won the FX. Link: LSU Release
Friday, 12 February 2010 19:44

Arkansas 195.875 at UGA 196.725

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UGA's Courtney McCool posted a meet high 9.95 to win FX while frosh Shayla Worley won the AA with a 39.375 to lead UGA. Gymdog Kat Ding added a win on UB while teammate Grace Taylor captured the BB. For Arkansas, Jaime Pisani and Casey Jo Magee tied for the…
Friday, 12 February 2010 19:34

Auburn 196.4 at Kentucky 195.425

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AU's Kylie Shields posted a 39.175 to win the AA while teammates Allyson Sandusky and Rachel Innis won the UB and BB, respectively. UK's Emily Green won the FX while AU's Justine Foster tied with UK's Whitney Rose and Jasmine Minion on VT. Link: UK Release
Friday, 12 February 2010 19:30

Brown 188.3 at UNH 194.975

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UNH's Chelsea Steinberg won the VT and AA with a 39.35 as the Wildcats set several records in the process. The team broke the school record on UB with a 49.3, with Allison Carr's 9.95 leading the way. Teammates Taryn LaFountain and Julie Sauchuk won BB and FX, respectively. Link:…
Stanford won the quad meet, posting a 196.65 behind the AA win of frosh Ashley Morgan in the AA. Morgan also picked up wins on the VT, FX and BB, where whe was tied with teammates Danielle Ikoma and Shelley Alexander. Teammates Carly Janiga and Allyse Ishino tied for the…
Sunday, 07 February 2010 18:32

Oregon State 196.375 at Cal 190.1

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Oregon State defeated Cal, who finished their home schedule this afternoon. Mandi Rodriguez led Oregon State's Super Sunday effort, winning the AA, the BB and tying with teammate Makayla Stambaugh on the FX. Stambaugh picked up the win on the UB while teammate Becky Colvin won VT. Link: Cal Release
Sunday, 07 February 2010 16:13

Boise State 193.7 at CSUF 191.25

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Boise State picked up the win over host Cal State Fullerton. They were led by Hannah Redmon, who won the VT, UB and FX. Teammate Kelsey Lang won the BB while Amy Glass, who missed last season with a neck injury, won the AA with a 38.6. Link: Boise State…
TWU won the quad meet at home, posting a 193.125. TWU's Roshanda Cannie posted a 39.025 to win the AA. She also picked up ties on the BB (with teammate Kristie Costa) and the VT (with teammate Kristin Edwards). Edwards added the win on the FX while NIU's Tanya Rachan…
Sunday, 07 February 2010 14:02

CMU 194.975, MSU 194.55, EMU 191.25 at WMU 190.875

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Central Michigan won the big in-state battle, upsetting higher ranked Michigan State. Katie Simon led the Chippewas, posting a 39.175 to take the AA and winning the BB. Teammate Kristin Teubner won the VT and tied with WMU's Kristine Garbarino on the FX. MSU star Rochelle Robinson competed UB only,…
Sunday, 07 February 2010 14:00

Temple Wins Liberty Classic

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Temple won the Liberty Classic, posting a 188.375 to take the win. Ursinus was 2nd with a 181.725, while Penn was third with a 181.2. West Chester was 4th with a 176.375. Link: Temple Release
Saturday, 06 February 2010 22:49

Men's: Brooks Wins Winter Cup AA

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Chris Brooks, formerly of OU, won the Winter Cup AA on Saturday Night. Former OU star Jonathan Horton was 2nd. In third was Michigan's Chris Cameron, with Stanford's Tim Gentry in fifth. Link: Results of AA
Saturday, 06 February 2010 21:11

Kent State 193.625 at SUU 195.275

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SUU's Elise Wheeler dominated the meet, winning at least a share of every individual event. She posted a 39.425, including a tie on VT with teammate Melissa Johnson, a tie on UB with teammates Bailey Baker and Alyssa Click, and Kent State's Lindsay Runyan. She won BB and FX outright.…
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