Saturday, 30 January 2010 00:01

Stanford 195.775, SPU 188.1 at Oregon State 196.225

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Oregon State defeated Stanford and SPU in action Friday night, posting a 196.225 to win the meet. Mandi Rodriguez led the Beavers, winning the VT, FX and the AA with a 39.475. Frosh Makayla Stambaugh was not far behind, placing 2nd AA and tying for 1st on BB with teammate…
Friday, 29 January 2010 23:42

Utah 195.85 at Washington 194.65

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Utah's Daria Bijak won the AA with a 39.2 and captured the UB title to lead the utes. Teammate Jamie Deetscreek tied with Kyndal Robarts on the VT and won the BB title. Ute Annie DiLuzio completed the event sweep with a win on FX. Link: UW Release
Friday, 29 January 2010 23:37

SUU 193.575, CSUF 188.9 at Sac State 192.775

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SUU's Elise Wheeler captured the AA with a 39.2, including wins on the FX and a tie on the UB with teammate Jenna Vogt. Teammate Melissa Johnson won the VT. For Sac State, Lissa Zamalo won the BB. Link: CSUS Release
Friday, 29 January 2010 23:33

Boise State 191.625 at USU 191.125

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Boise State swept the individual event titles, with frosh Hailey Gaspar winning VT, Katie Tuller winning UB, Kelsey Lang winning BB and Hannah Redmon capturing the FX. USU junior Lyndsie Boone led USU's upset bid with a 38.85 AA win. Link: Boise State Release
Friday, 29 January 2010 23:27

Cal 189.375 at Arizona 194.7

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Frosh Molly Quirk won the AA with a 39.0 to lead Arizona. She also tied for 1st on BB with teammate Britnie Jones. Another Arizona frosh, Mykle Douglas, won FX. Teammates Sarah Tomczyk and Miranda Russell won VT and UB, respectively. Link: Arizona Release
Friday, 29 January 2010 21:12

Michigan 196, BYU 192.05 at Iowa State 195.625

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Michigan won the tri-meet, posting a 196 even to hold off the host Cyclones. Kylee Botterman led Michigan, winning the VT, UB and the AA with a 39.3. Frosh Natalie Beilstein won the FX, while teammate Jordan Sexton and Kelsey Knutson tied for the BB title. Link: ISU Release
Friday, 29 January 2010 21:09

UGA 194.9 at AU 195.225

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AU defeated UGA for the first time, in front of a crowd of 8,573. AU's Allyson Sandusky and Justine Foster took a share of the VT title, while teammate Petrina Yokay tied for 1st on UB. For UGA, Courtney McCool won the BB and FX, while Kat Ding won shares…
Friday, 29 January 2010 21:03

Kentucky 195.325 at Arkansas 196.75

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Arkansas' Jaime Pisani led the GymBacks, posting a 39.525 to win the AA, including victories on the FX, and ties for first on the UB and VT. Teammate Casey Jo Magee tied for 1st on the UB and won the BB outright. For UK, Whitney Rose grabbed a share of…
Friday, 29 January 2010 20:59

GWU 188.6 at Kent State 193.95

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Kent State hit season highs on VT and UB but struggled on BB. Still, they posted a 193.95 to best GWU. Christine Abou-Mitri won the FX and tied for first on BB with GWU's Brittany Burnham to lead Kent State. She also won the AA with a 39.175. Teammates Cristina…
Friday, 29 January 2010 20:51

LSU 195.05 at Florida 196.725

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Florida posted a new season high as four different Gators won three events. Alicia Goodwin won the UB, while frosh Liz Green won the BB. Another frosh, Ashanee Dickerson tied with RS senior Maranda Smith on the FX. LSU's Susan Jackson won the VT with a 9.95 and the AA…
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 21:04

UAA 184.8 at Air Force 185.35

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Air Force won its home opener by defeating Alaska-Anchorage, 185.35 to 184.8. Air Force's Brittany Dutton and Jenna Dudley won the VT and FX, respectively. For Alaska, Leah Wilson won the AA with a 37.9, including victories on the BB and a tie on the UB with teammate Kristy Boswell.…
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 21:00

Temple 187.775 at Rutgers 188.55

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In Wednesday night action, Rutgers defeated Temple, 188.55 to 187.775. Junior Kiah Banfield led a one through four finish on the FX to seal Rutger's victory. Temple's Kaity Watson won the AA with a 37.825, including a win on the VT. Link: Rutgers Release
Sunday, 24 January 2010 20:33

UCLA 195.825 at Stanford 196.425

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Stanford's Carly Janiga tied for 1st on two events to lead the Cardinal to victory. She tied on the UB with UCLA's Anna Li, both receiving 9.95. Li edged Janiga for the AA title, 39.575 to 39.55. Janiga tied with teammate Nicole Pechanec at 9.95 on FX. UCLA's Vanessa Zamarripa…
Sunday, 24 January 2010 20:24

Arizona 195.675 at ASU 194.9

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Sarah Tomczyk won the VT and FX while tying ASU's Mary Atkinson for the AA title at 39.45. Atkinson also won the UB with a 9.95 while Arizona frosh Molly Quirk won the BB. Link: ASU Release
Sunday, 24 January 2010 20:19

Men's: Penn State 344.75 at Michigan 355.65

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Michigan Defeated Penn State, 355.65 to 344.75 in action Sunday afternoon. Juniors Thomas Kelley (R, HB) and Chris Cameron (FX, AA) combined for three event titles and the AA to lead Michigan. The meet is scheduled for future broadcast on the Big 10 Network. Link: Michigan Release
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