Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:24

DU 194.4 at Illinois State 193.925

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Illinois State put a scare into #24 DU, but the Pioneers held on for a win.  Brianna Springer led the way for DU, winning the AA with a 39.225 and scoring a win on UB and a tie for 1st on VT with teammatte Melodie Pulgarin Linero.  Illinois State's Hannah…
Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:22

UNC 193.325 at William and Mary 188.55

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UNC defeated host W&M, led by Morgan Evans 39.05 AA win.  Evans also picked up wins on the UB and BB.  UNC frosh Kristin Aloi won the FX, while teammate Zoya Johnson took the VT. Link:  W&M Release
Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:19

Bridgeport 192.15 at UNH 194.025

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Frosh Erin Machado won the FX while teammates Danielle Reibold and Katie Lawrence picked up wins on UB and BB respectively.  UNH's Austyn Fobes and Bridgeport's Monica Mesalles tied for the VT title, but it was Mesalles who came out on top in the AA.    Link:  UNH Release
Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:17

NIU 189.1 at CMU 195.75

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CMU powered to a big win over NIU, led by Kristin Teubner's 39.25 AA win.   Teubner bounded to a win on VT and on FX (9.925).  Teammates Brittany Petzold and Emily Heinz won UB and BB, respectively. Link:  CMU Release
Sunday, 30 January 2011 14:05

Ohio State 195.45, WMU 192.65 at Bowling Green 190.4

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Ohio State posted a new season high, doing so on the road.  Colleen Dean of the Buckeyes set a new personal best in the AA with a 39.225 win.  Dean also tied for the UB title with teammate Rebecca Best.  Frosh Melanie Shaffer of the Buckeyes won both VT and…
Sunday, 30 January 2011 14:03

Ithaca 182.575 at Springfield 181.4

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Frosh Jenna Van Dusen led Ithaca with a 37.45 AA win.  Link:   Springfield Release
Sunday, 30 January 2011 14:00

Men's: PSU 351.8, Army 259.5 at Temple 341.4

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Penn State led the way with a 351.8 as they defeated Army and host Temple's season high 341.4.  PSU was powered by a new school record on the PH (59.1), led by Felix Aronovich's 15.1.    Link:  Temple Release
Saturday, 29 January 2011 21:27

Alabama Wins Metroplex Challenge

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Bama defeated three returning National qualifiers in a special meet held along side the Metroplex Invitational in Dallas.   Bama posted a season high 196.825 to distance themselves from the rest of the field:  Nebraska 195.6, LSU 195.55 (season high), and Missouri 193.4.  Bama's Kayla Hoffman won the AA with a…
TWU won the quad meet at home, led by Brittany Johnson's wins on BB and FX.  Teammates Rashonda Cannie won UB while Bethany Larimer won VT. Link:  TWU Release 
Saturday, 29 January 2011 19:59

Rutgers 191.15, Pitt 189.025 at WVU 194.075

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WVU defeated EAGL foes Rutgers and Pitt in action Saturday night.  Super frosh Hope Sloanhoffer led WVU, winning BB and tying for 1st on VT with teammates Amy Bieski and Tina Maloney, Pitt's Molly Moyer, and Rutgers frosh Luisa Leal-Restrepo.  Leal powered Rutgers, scoring the win in the AA.  WVU's…
Saturday, 29 January 2011 19:29

Men's: Minnesota 336.75 at OU 344.65

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OU defeated Minnesota on Saturday evening in front of 1,098 fans.  They claimed five of six events as a team.  Sophomore Jake Dalton of OU won FX, VT and HB to lead the way.  His VT score of 16.55 tied the school record and matched his mark from last week.…
Saturday, 29 January 2011 19:26

Air Force 191.5 at Minnesota 195.575

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Both teams posted season bests as Minnesota triumphed over Air Force.   The Gopher's Kendra Elm won the AA with a 39.225, capturing the BB title along the way.  Lucy Ennis and Kayla Slechta tied for the VT title while teammate Kristin Furukawa won the UB.  Shannon Golich completed the Minn…
Despite counting a fall on BB, Michigan defeated Kent State, Maryland and UIC.  Kylee Botterman led Michigan, posting a big 39.525 in the AA.  She won the FX, BB and tied for the UB with Kent State's Lindsay Runyan.  Kent States Christina Lenny won VT.  Link:   Michigan Release
Saturday, 29 January 2011 17:26

GWU 190.525 at Towson 193.175

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Towson defeated visiting GWU in the home opener for the Tigers.  Avis Hixon led the way on VT for Towson, while teammate Kacy Catanzaro won the UB.  For GWU, Leslie Delima won the FX and the AA while teammate Kayla Carton won BB.  Link:  Towson Release
Saturday, 29 January 2011 17:18

Ball State 192.625 at EMU 191.075

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Ball State defeated EMU, 192.625 to 191.075 on Saturday afternoon.  Brittney Emmons and Nicole Allen led Ball State.  Emmons won the VT and UB while Allen won the FX and AA.  Teammate Emily Wehrle added a win on BB.  Link:  EMU Release
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