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American Classic: Recruit Results

Written by Greg

Skye Blakely of WOGA won the senior session of the American Classic, posting a strong 55.35.  Florida commit Leanne Wong of GAGE was 2nd.   Wong had the top event on VT while AU commit Sunisa Lee of Midwest won UB and BB (she competed three events).  Karis German of World Champions Centre was 3rd AA and 1st on FX.   Here are the results with their NCAA school commit in parentheses.

1.  Skye Blakely, WOGA  55.35

2. Leanne Wong, GAGE, 54.45 (Florida)

3.  Karis German, WCC, 53.25 (Bama) 

4.  Addison Fatta, Prestige, 52.9

5.  Kara Eaker, GAGE, 52.7 (Utah)

6.  Kaylen Morgan, Everest, 52.65 (Michigan)

7.  Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite, 52.55 (OU)

8.  Elle Mueller, Twin City, 52.15

9.  Jamison Sears, World Class, 51.65

10.  Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, 51.05 (UCLA)

11.  Anya Pilgrim, Hill's, 50.85

12.  Temple Landry, Twin City, 50.4

13.  JaFree Scott, GAGE, 49.3 (Florida)

14.  Alonna Kratzer, Top Notch, 49.25 (Missouri)

15.  Hailey Klein, Flips, 48.85

16.  Lexi Zeiss, Omaha, 48.4

Ciena Alipio (UCLA) of Midwest competed three events as did Lee and Ava Siegfeldt of World Class (OU).  Kayla DiCellos of Hills (Florida) competed two events as did Skylar Draser of Parkettes (Florida) and Grace McCallum of Twin City (Utah) did just BB.  

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