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L10 Nationals: Senior B

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Joanna Sampson won the 2010 Senior AA Championship at the L10 Nationals.  The Michigan commit trains at Ricochets.  LSU commit Lloiminicia Hall, from Texas Dreams, was 2nd AA and tied for 1st on FX with Bama commit Diandra Milliner (Folger's, 6th AA) and Mizzou commit Rachel Updike (KGDC, 7th AA).   Milliner also won VT with a huge 9.95 while Updike won BB.  Oregon State commit Cerise Witherby, who trains at Wildfire, was 3rd AA.  Utah commit Rebecca Tutka was 4th AA.

Senior B competitors are mostly 2011 graduates who are verbal commits at this time, not signees.

1.  Joanna Sampson, Ricochets (Michigan) 38.2

2.  Lloiminicia Hall, Texas Dreams (LSU) 38.025

3.  Cerise Witherby, Wildfire, (Oregon State), 38.0

4.  Rebecca Tutka, Parkettes, (Utah), 37.975

5.  Erica Oswalt, GymCats, 37.7

6.  Diandra Milliner, Folger's (Bama), 37.625

7.  Rachel Updike, KGDC (Missouri), 37.575

8.  Hayden Ward, Dynamo (OU), 37.425

9.  Ana Jaworski, Airborne (SUU), 37.4

10.  Amiah Mims, Wrights, 37.375

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