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L10 Nationals: Senior C

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Arkansas-bound Katherine Grable won the Senior C Division at the L10 Nationals.  The Oshkosh trained athlete posted a 38.2 for the win.  Future teammate Bailee Zumwalde, who trains at the Twin City Twisters, was 2nd.  Washington signee Aliza Vaccher of the Desert Devils placed 3rd AA, and won the National Title on BB.  Oregon State signee Brittany Harris, from the Krafft Academy, was just behind in fourth.  UGA signee Kaylan Earls of Arena won the VT title and placed 5th AA.  Future teammate Catherine Hires (LaFleur's Tampa) claimed the UB title while Auburn signee Sasha Tsikhanovich (Universal) won the FX title.

1.  Katherine Grable, Oshkosh (Arkansas) 38.2

2.  Bailee Zumwalde, TCT (Arkansas), 38.0

3. Aliza Vaccher, Desert Devils (Washington), 37.975

4.  Brittany Harris, Krafft, (Oregon State), 37.95

5.  Kaylan Earls, Arena (UGA), 37.9

6.  Sarah Zoldos, LaFleur's Tampa (LSU), 37.675

7.  Hope Sloanhoffer, Gym Revolution (WVU), 37.475

8.  Betsy Zander, Docksiders (GWU), 37.45

9t.  Scarlett Williams, Elite Gym LA, (Arkansas), 37.375

9t.  Henrietta Green, Charter Oak, (Iowa State), 37.375

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