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Gymnastics at Risk: Six Programs Cut

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W&M's Kristin Gaidish W&M's Kristin Gaidish (c) Lloyd Smith, 2005, Used by Permission

The financial aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis have put athletics departments across the country under financial distress.  Already, schools have announced cuts to their Gymnastics programs.   Men are especially at risk with the loss of critical mass that could lead to the extinction of the sport in the NCAA.   Here's the running list, one that we hope remains at six or less:


Stronger Together Initiative

Iowa  CGA Statement

Minnesota  Release

William & Mary  Petition  CGA Statement  SaveWMGym Instagram


University of Alaska-Anchorage   Petition  Board of Regents Approves Option to Save
The UAA Board of Regents have given the team an option to save the program if they can raise nearly $900K by February.  Half of that total must be in cash, the rest in pledges.  This is equivalent to two years of operating expenses.  

Seattle Pacific  Petition

William & Mary  Petition  SaveWMGym Instagram

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