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Friday, 14 January 2011 23:05

BYU 193.075, Arizona 192.725 at USU 192

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BYU won in Logan tonight, posting a 193.075 to defeat Arizona and USU.  Jennifer Lezeu led BYU with a win on the FX.  Arizona's Deanna Graham won the AA with a 38.575, finishing in a tie for 1st on VT with teammate Mykle Douglas and USU's Lyndsie Boone.  Arizona's Miranda Russell tied with USU's Nicole Simoneau for the UB title.  On BB, USU frosh Cammi Muhr captured the title. 

Link:  USU Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 23:02

UCLA 194.425 at SUU 194.75

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SUU upset UCLA 194.75 to 194.425, in front of a home crowd of over 5000.  SUU's Shannon Coughlin won FX to seal the victory.  UCLA's Oliva Courtney won the VT, BB and AA with a 39.3.  Teammate Aisha Gerber won the UB.  Said SUU Head Coach Scott Bauman, "This was an incredible meet tonight". 

Link:  SUU Release 

Friday, 14 January 2011 21:04

Men's: PSU Wins West Point Open

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PSU posted a 347 to win its 13th consecutive West Point Open title.  Temple was 2nd at 328.3, Army 3rd at 320, Navy 4th at 319.6, and Springfield 5th at 318.9.  PSU's Parker Raque led Penn State with a win on FX and in the AA.  Teammates Preston Gall (PH), Miguel Pineda (Rings) ,Francisco Vazquez (VT),  Mackenzie Dow (PB), and Matt Albrecht (HB) placed 1st in the other events.  Individual event finals will be held on Saturday.

Link:  PSU Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 20:58

LSU 194.475 at Auburn 194.775

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Auburn defeated visiting LSU 194.775 to 194.475. Rachel Innis won FX with a 9.85 to lift AU to victory.  Teammate Allyson Sandusky won the BB while Petrina Yokay won the AA.  For LSU, frosh Sarie Morrison won the UB while tying with teammates Maliah Mathis and Ashley Lee for VT honors. 

Link:  AU Release (includes video highlights)

Friday, 14 January 2011 20:54

Michigan St 192.575 at WVU 194

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WVU triumphed over visiting MSU, 194 to 192.575. Frosh Hope Sloanhoffer led WVU with a win on BB and a tie with teammate Amy Bieski on FX.  Another Mountaineer, Kaylyn Millick, won the VT.  MSU's Jackie Berg won UB while teammate Shanthi Teiki won the AA. 

Link: WVU Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 20:51

Kentucky 192.9 at Florida 196.775

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Florida rolled along, posting a 196.775 to defeat SEC rival UK. Alaina Johnson won VT (9.95) and UB (9.925) to lead the Gators.  Marissa King picked up ties on BB (with teammate Liz Green) and FX (with teammate Ashanee Dickerson).  Dickerson won the AA with a 39.225. 

Link:  Gator Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 20:03

CMU 193.5 at Ball State 190.375

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CMU counted no falls to defeat host Ball State, 193.5 to 190.375.  Kristin Teubner led CMU, winning the AA with a 38.975 and tying for 1st on FX with teammate Cheryl Conlin and for 1st on VT with Ball State's Nicole Allen.  Teammates Alyssa Wilson and Brittany Petzold tied for the UB title.  Ball State's Emily Wehrle won the BB.

Link:  Ball State Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 19:56

Bama 194.9 at Arkansas 194.75

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Bama edged host Arkansas 194.9 to 194.75.  After encountering problems early on the UB, Bama came back steadily to pass Arkansas in the 2nd half of the meet.  Bama's Kayla Hoffman won the VT while frosh teammate Kim Jacob won the BB.  For Arkansas, Jaime Pisani won the FX and UB while tying for AA honors with frosh teammate Katherine Grable.

Link:  Bama Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 19:46

Illinois 194.475, PSU 194.45 at Michigan 194.9

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Michigan triumphed in a close tri-meet with Big 10 rivals Illinois and PSU.  Michigan's Kylee Botterman led the Wolverines, winning the AA with a 39.55.  She also picked up wins on the FX and BB with matching 9.875s, while marking a near-perfect 9.975 to win VT.  PSU's Natalie Ettl won the UB with a 9.9. 

Link:  Michigan Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 19:18

NU 195.45 at Iowa State 194.725

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Nebraska defeated host ISU, as NU didn't count a fall while ISU went 24 for 24.  NU frosh Jamie Schleppenbach won VT, while teammates Brittany Skinner won UB and Lora Evenstad won FX.  NU was    Michelle Browing lead ISU with a victory in the AA and was part of a five way tie for 1st on BB, wih teammate Michelle Shealy and NU's Maddie Steinauer, Emily Wong and Brittnee Habbib. 

Link:  ISU Release

Friday, 14 January 2011 19:08

OU 196.175 at NC State 195.15

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OU overcame host NC State, despite the host's highest ever season opening meet score.  Kayla Nowak tied for two event titles to lead OU.  She tied for 1st on UB with teammate Natasha Kelley.  On FX, she tied with teammate Megan Ferguson and NC State's Jessica Panza and Stephanie Ouellette.  Sooner Sara Stone won VT while frosh teammate Taylor Spears won BB.   

Link:  NC State Release

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 11:32

2011-12 Mitchell to Kentucky

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Shannon Mitchell, L10 at Hills in Maryland, has committed to Kentucky for next season.  In 2010, Mitchell won beam at the Maryland Classic, finished 2nd AA at the Tim Rand Invitational and placed 1st AA (1st V/FX) at her state meet.  She finished off her season with a 10th place finish at regionals.


Monday, 10 January 2011 08:30

UIC 185.525 at Bowling Green 190.225

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In action Sunday, BGSU defeated UIC.  BGSU's Dawn Christman led BGSU with a win on the FX and in the AA.  Teammate Danielle Wishart won VT while teammate Sunny Marchand won UB.  BGSU's Monica Eaton tied with Erin Duggan on BB. 

Link:  BGSU Release

Monday, 10 January 2011 08:17

Women's National Rankings for the Week of January 10th

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After one weekend of action, Florida tops the National rankings for the women.  With most teams in action already, the rankings are shuffled from the Preseason rankings, and a number of new teams are in the Top 25.  Florida also leads the teams on FX, and is tied for first on BB with Stanford.  Utah leads vault while Washington holds the top spot on UB. 

Individually, Florida's Ashanee Dickerson is the top AAer.  She is also tied with Bama's Sarah DeMeo for the top BB spot, and with Utah's Kyndal Robarts and WVU frosh Hope Sloanhoffer for the top VT spot.  Gator teammate Alaina Johnson leads the UB.  On FX, Kentucky's Andrea Mitchell holds the top spot.  

Florida 196.925
2 Stanford 196.625
3 Utah 195.700
- Michigan 195.700
5 UCLA 195.613
6 Georgia 195.575
7 Oklahoma 195.475
8 Oregon State 195.388
9 Alabama 195.350
10 Arkansas 195.075
11 Nebraska 194.950
12 Kent State 194.775
13 West Virginia 194.500
- New Hampshire 194.500
15 Ohio State 194.475
16 Kentucky 194.350
17 Minnesota 193.925
18 Iowa 193.825
- Arizona 193.825
20 Washington 193.675
21 Illinois-Champaign 193.650
22 Central Michigan 193.575
23 Southern Utah 193.475
- Iowa State 193.475
25 L.S.U. 193.350

Full Rankings at Troester GymInfo

Sunday, 09 January 2011 18:37

Stanford Wins Pac-10 Showcase

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Stanford opened in a big way, posting the nation's highest road total of the weekend, winning the Pac-10 showcase with a 196.625.  The Cardinal were strong on all four events, starting off with VT but really distancing themselves from the field on BB.  UCLA was second with a 195.925, after troubles on the BB.  A strong FX rotation closed out the day for them.  Oregon State was third with a 195.375, with some problems staying in bounds on FX.  Fourth with Arizona, which overcame an early counting fall on UB with strong vaults to edge Washington, 193.825 to 193.675.  The Huskies struggled with nerves on FX, their first event.  ASU started off strong but encountered problems on UB and BB to edge out Cal, 191.85 to 191.675.   After some problems on UB, Cal remained steady.   

Individually, UCLA's Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs posted a 39.55 to win the AA.  She also captured the BB and FX titles with matching 9.95s.  Olivia Vivian of Oregon State hit her UB to also post 9.95.  Four gymnasts tied for 1st on VT with 9.875s:  Shelley Alexander and Alyssa Brown of Stanford, Deanna Graham of Arizona and Brittani McCullough of UCLA.

The TV broadcast will be on Fox Sports starting on Thursday.  Check listings for your regional affiliate for details. 

Link:  Scores

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