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Sunday, 23 August 2009 15:19

2011-2012: Wolford to Iowa

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Sarah Wolford has committed to Iowa, according to her club web site. Wolford is a L10 who also train at the Tampa Bay Turners. She placed 12th AA and 2nd on UB at the 2009 Region VIII L10 Regionals, Jr. C. She also competed three events at the 2008 Regional meet, taking 5th on BB. Link: Channel
Sunday, 23 August 2009 15:18

2011-2012: Hilton to LSU

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Shelby Hilton has made an early commit to LSU, according to her club web site. Hilton is a L10 who trains at the Tampa Bay Turners. At the 2009 L10 Nationals, she competed in the Junior C division, placing 24th(t) AA. She was 1st(t) on UB and 14th AA at the 2008 Region VIII L10 Regionals. Link: Channel

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A letter from the NACGC-W regarding a new initiative to promote the growth of Women's NCAA Gymnastics is reproduced below.


The schedule difficulty index (strength of schedule) is calculated by awarding 10 points for scheduling the number one team in the pre-season coaches' poll, 9 points for scheduling number 2, down to 1 point for number 10.  No points are awarded for scheduling teams ranked below 10 and no schedule strength is calculated for teams ranked below 10.  Because some teams mention, in their news releases, the number of top-10 or top-25 teams of on their schedule, a fifth column, Top Ten Teams, is added.  This column compiles the number of times a team meets other teams ranked in the top 10.  Also added, in the sixth column, is each team's national ranking in average attendance for the 2008 season.

Earning the right to be a college athlete doesn’t happen over night. It takes time, dedication, training, talent, research and planning. Here are the top ten things you need to know to get started on your quest to earning a top gymnastics college scholarship

It seems as earlier and earlier the recruiting season begins, the later and later we write this article. In fact, there seems to be four different recruiting seasons for each class: the junior year; summer/fall heading into senior year; the spring of senior year; and finally, early graduation for a January start! Next year, we fear we will be adding a fifth category; the sophomore year.

Sunday, 23 August 2009 10:55

Hite Hired as Assistant at Kentucky

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Former athlete Heather Hite has been hired as an assistant at Kentucky, according to a school release. Link: UK Release
Sunday, 23 August 2009 10:54

2010-2011: Antenucci to Towson

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Allison Antenucci has committed to Towson, according to her family. The Silvia's-trained L10 finished 9th AA at the 2009 Region VII L10 Regionals, Sr. B. Link: Channel
Sunday, 23 August 2009 10:53

2010-2011: O'Rourke to Pittsburgh

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Katie O'Rourke has committed to Pittsburgh, according to her club's blog. A L10 at Capital (VA), she placed 12th AA at the 2009 Region VII L10 Regionals (Sr. B), before capturing the AA title at the JO National Invitational. She was 49th AA at the 2008 L10 Nationals, after winning the Regional AA title. Link: Channel
Seven time All American Erinn Dooley has been named an assistant coach at Maryland, according to a school release. Link: UMD Release
Several early commits are among the 2009 US Women's National team. Link: USA Gymnastics
Kyla Ross won the junior women's title at the 2009 VISA (US) Championships. Link: USA Gymnastics
Sunday, 23 August 2009 10:47

VISA Championships: Sloan Wins Senior Women's Title

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Bridget Sloan won the Senior Women's AA title at the 2009 VISA (US) Championships. Ivana Hong was a close second, and first day leader Rebecca Bross was 3rd. Kayla Williams was the vault champion (2 vaults), while Hong won the BB. Sloan won individual titles on the UB and FX.  Link: USA Gymnastics

Sunday, 23 August 2009 10:40

VISA Championships: Men's Event Champs

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Current and former NCAAers excelled as event champions at the 2009 VISA (US) Championships.

FX: Steven Legendre (OU)

PH: Luke Stannard (Ill)

R: Jonathan Horton (former OU)

VT: Jake Dalton (OU incoming)

PB: Tim McNeill (former Cal)

HB: Horton and Danell Leyva

Link: Event Results

Sunday, 23 August 2009 10:39

VISA Championships: Horton Wins Men's Title

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Former OU star and Olympic medalist Jonathan Horton won the AA title at the 2009 VISA (US) Championships. Former Cal star Tim McNeill was 2nd. They are joined on the US National team by a host of current, future and former NCAAers including Kyle Bunthuwong (Cal), Alex Buscaglia (Stanford), Jake Dalton (OU incoming), Tim Gentry (Stanford), Wes Haagensen (former Ill), Glen Ishino (Cal), Steve Legendre (OU), Sho Nakamori (former Stanford), David Sender (former Stanford) and Brandon Wynn (Ohio State). Link: USA Gymnastics
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