Florida overcame a counting fall in their first event, the Balance Beam, to power back with near-perfect routines on the remaining events to overtake the leaders and secure their first ever National Title.  The Gators become just the fifth team in NCAA history to win the title.  They were paced by NCAA champion Bridget Sloan, who posted a 39.75 AA during the final.

Florida's Bridget Sloan, competing in the first session, won the 2013 Women's NCAA AA title.  The former World Champion, just a frosh, posted a 39.6 for the win.  LSU's Rheagan Courville was the runnerup.

Link:  UF Release

Host PSU held off Stanford for the top spot in the evening session at the Men's NCAA Championships.  Iowa nipped Cal for the third spot by just 0.1 points.  These three teams will be chasing first session leader Michigan for the title.  OU and Illinois will also be in the hunt for the title on Saturday.

Link:   Session 2 Results

It all came down to the last rotation, but in the end, Alabama, OU and UCLA will advance to the Super Six.  As the final round approached, OU was in the "dugout" with a 197.2, highlighted by a 49.5 UB rotation.  In the final round, Bama was on vault, UCLA on UB, and Utah on beam. 

Bama hit their vaults well enough to post a 49.35 and win the session.  They were led by Kim Jacob's 39.425 AA win.  UCLA survived a few scares on UB (low landing by Zamarripa, improvisation by De La Torre) to tie OU.  Utah had a shaky leadoff and then suffered two more falls to drop out of the running.

Early wobbles on beam took Michigan out of the running.  However, their two AAers, Joanna Sampson and Katie Zurales, posted the highest scores of the session.   Arkansas placed sixth, after some problems on UB and a slow start on vault.

Link:  Results

The USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals take place this weekend, hosted by Centenary.  Online coverage appears to be limited.  Here's the site home page:

Link:  Meet Host Page

Sunday, 31 March 2013 19:31

2013 Superlatives

Skills of Note in the 2013 Season (W)

The following is a listing of high level skills performed by Women in the 2013 Season.  To make this list, the skill had to be successfully competed in a meet sometime during the season.  The skill competed must have an FIG rating of "E" or "F" or "G", or an FIG Vault Difficult Value of 5.3 or higher.

The issue of escalating difficult leading to higher injury rates and more wear and tear on the athlete is important.  The purpose of this list is not to encourage or foster unreasonable risk or other threats to the safety of the athletes.  In fact, many of the skills on this list were only competed in special circumstances.  This list simply serves as an archive and collection of skills actually performed by the athletes.

This list is incomplete and will be updated as information becomes available.  Please submit your additions and corrections to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..











Handspring, Front Tuck 1/1 Twist

Milan Ivory, Iowa State

Amber See, Illinois

RO 1/2 on, Front Layout 1/2 Off

Tsukahara Layout 3/2

Marissa King, UF

Yurchenko Layout 2/1

Yurchenko Layout 3/2

Caitlin Atkinson, AU

Natalie Beilstein, Michigan

Jessie DeZiel, NU

Kytra Hunter, Florida

Brandie Jay, UGA

Diandra Milliner, Bama

Brittany Rogers, UGA

Sachi Sugiyama, Michigan



Brandie Jay, UGA

Full Twisting Double Layout Flyaway

Victoria Aepli, Ohio State

Dana Bonincontri, Penn

Kaitlin Clark, Bama

Allison Flores, Arizona

Kaylyn Millick, WVU

Brie Olson, OU

Emma Stevenson, Iowa

Hindorff (clear-hip reverse hecht/Tkachev)

Ashanee Dickerson, UF

Jaleesa Wilson, DU

Ricna (Stalder reverse hecht)

Brittany Rogers, UGA

Ray (toe-on straddle reverse hecht)

Stephani Canizaro, Arkansas

Kytra Hunter, Florida

Alaina Johnson, UF

Bridget Sloan, Florida

Shayla Worley, UGA

Church (toe-on pike reverse hecht)

Bridget Sloan, Florida

Triple Twisting Flyaway

Nicole Meiller, Sac State

Bharwaj (full twisting Pak)

Alicia Asturias, Cal












Round-Off, Layout to Two Feet Mount

Switch Ring Leap

Molly Quirk, Arizona

Randy Stageberg, UF

Back tuck 1/1 twist

Arabian Front Tuck  

Rheagan Courville, LSU

Back Layout Two Foot*

Marissa King, UF

Side Aerial, Cross Position**

Danusia Francis

5/2 Turn in Wolf (Humphrey)

Double Front Tuck

Back Double Pike

Katherine Grable, Arkansas


* Athlete must hold layout position througout the salto for E credit.  A layout with a pike down is credited as a D.

** Not in Code, but similar elements are raised in value by one, when executed in the cross position.





Full Twisting Double Layout

Double Layout

Stephanie Colbert, Michigan

Marissa Gutierrez, Bama

Brianna Guy, AU

Lloimincia Hall, LSU

Kytra Hunter, UF

Miranda Kerr, Ball State

Marissa King, Florida

Maliah Mathis, LSU

Joanna Sampson, Michigan

Haley Scaman, OU

Tory Wilson, Utah

Double Front

Alex Deluca, Ohio State

Natalie Sutter, NIU

Reema Zakharia, Michigan

Arabian Double Front

Nicole Allen, Ball State

Natalie Beilstein, Michigan

Amy Borsellino, Arkansas

Olivia Courtney, UCLA

Rheagan Courville, LSU

Aubree Cristello, Arizona

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Ashanee Dickerson, UF

Brittney Emmons, Ball State

Katherine Grable, Arkansas

Marissa King, Florida

Danielle Levy, MSU

Kelci Lewis, Arkansas

Sarah Miller, Ohio State

Diandra Milliner, Bama

Ashley Morgan, Stanford

Emma Willis, Iowa

Triple Full

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Emily Wong, NU

Tuck Full In or Half In/Half Out

Kelsey Black, Boise State

Lia Del Priore, Utah

Luisa Leal-Restrepo, Rutgers

Corrie Lothrop, Utah

Brittany Potvin-Green, Boise State

Alyssa Pritchett, UCLA

Melanie Shaffer, Ohio State

Becky Tutka, Utah

Alina Weinstein, Illinois

Cerise Witherby, Oregon State

Tuck Full Out

Pike Full In

Caitlin Atkinson, AU

Denaisha Christian, Ball State

Noel Couch, UGA

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Lexus Demurs, AU

Jessie DeZiel, NU

Kim Jacob, Bama

Randy Stageberg, UF

Brittany Webster, AU

Stanford claimed all six events as a team and won four of six individual events.

Link:  Army Release

Friday, 08 March 2013 09:33

Alaska 191.775 at CMU 195.725

CMU defeated the visiting Seawolves in a Thursday night meet.  Brittany Petzold led the way for CMU, winning the bars and tying for the floor title with teammate Halle Moraw.  She won the AA with a 39.125.  Teammates Kirsten Petzold and Taylor Noonan won vault and beam, respectively.   

Link:  Chippewa Release

Saturday, 02 March 2013 18:05

Dalton Wins American Cup

Former OU Sooner Jacob Dalton won the 2013 American Cup.  On the women's side, Katelyn Ohashi won the title in her senior debut.

Link:  OU Release

Saturday, 16 February 2013 16:40

SCSU 187.375 at Cortland State 189.15

SUNY-Cortland posted the 2nd best score in school history, led by Sarah Nadrowski's school record AA tally.  She compiled a 38.75.

Link:  Cortland St Release

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