We're about to start the 2015 season, and we're once again waiting until the last moment to release our ranking of the Top Recruiting Classes.  This edition, 2014-2015, is one where we are seeing the full impact of early recruiting.  In some cases, the gymnasts who originally committed at age 16 or younger did not end up matriculating at their original college choice.  And, with scholarships opening up due to transfers or retirement, we're seeing a rash of late recruiting, early entries (early graduation), and mid-year starts.  In fact, our choice for number one had an early grad further strengthen an already strong class. 

The Capsule Previews for the Top 25 Women's Teams, as determined by the Preseason Coaches' Poll, are now available.  In each case, we have summarized the rosters and their list of newcomers, and quickly summarized their prospects and challenges.  Defending Co-Champion Florida and OU seek to retain their title.  But who will challenge?  And which 12 teams are in the best position to make Nationals this April?

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2015 Capsule Previews: Teams #1 to #12


 1.  Florida Gators


2.  OU Sooners

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 17/24
Head Coach: Rhonda Faehn
Assistants: Adrian Burde, Robert Ladanyi
Returning Starters (6):  Claire Boyce (So), Bridgette Caquatto (Jr), Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Jr), Kytra Hunter (Sr), Bridget Sloan (Jr), Rachel Spicer (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (3):  Morgan Frazier (Jr), Jamie Shisler (Sr),  Kiersten Wang (Sr)
Graduated (3):  Mackenzie Caquatto, Alaina Johnson, Lauren Rose
Other Losses (1):  Sophia Colussi-Pelaez (TR/Oregon St)
Newcomers (4): 
Kennedy Baker, Ericha Fassbender, Grace McLaughlin, Alex McMurtry
Quick Assessment:  The Florida Gators topped the Preseason Coaches' Poll, despite the loss of standouts Alaina Johnson and Mackenzie Caquatto.  The pair accounted for 7 of the Gators 24 routines, most in the bottom half (higher scoring) of the lineup.  For many teams, this could be a rebuilding year.  The Gators lost four athletes from last year's squad, but gain five.  The strength of this powerful class has the potential to help propel the Gators to a tri-peat.  But the core of this squad is two former NCAA AA champions, Kytra Hunter and Bridget Sloan.  No team has quite the one-two punch this pairs affords.  They'll be capably supported by vets Bridgette Caquatto and Rachel Spicer, each three event gymnasts last season.  The frosh, though, bring firepower of their own.  Baker is a former Senior National Team member with huge skills, while McMurtry was a dominant force in the L10 ranks who had the skills to easily go elite.  Both also have tremendous power and high level skills on vault and floor, an area in which the Gators have fallen behind as of late.  Joining them are former Senior National Team member Grace McLaughlin and former elite Ericha Fassbender, with the latter coming off a strong season as a L10. 

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 18/24
Head Coach: KJ Kindler
Assistants: Lou Ball, Tom Haley
Returning Starters (8):   Erica Brewer (Sr), Chayse Capps (So), Rebecca Clark (Sr), Maile'ana Kanewa (Jr), Kara Lovan (So), Keeley Kmieciak (Jr), Haley Scaman (Jr), McKenzie Woffard (So)
Other/Injured Returners (4):  Reagan Hemry (So), Charity Jones (So), Hunter Price (Jr), Haley Sorensen (Sr)
Graduated (5):  Lara Albright, Lauren Alexander, Madison Mooring, Taylor Spears, Hayden Ward
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (5):  Ali Jackson, Natalie Brown, Stefani Catour, Samantha Craus, Brenna Dowell
Quick Assessment: 
Last season, the OU Sooners completed their rise and claimed a share of the podium.  The Sooners did it by combining their well known high levels of execution on bars and beam with some newly recruited power in the leg events.  And this season, they'll be one of the top favorites to take the title once again.  The Sooners did experience the loss of five athletes, but these five only accounted for six routines in the Super Six Finals.  Their leadership, consistency and polish will be missed.  Leading the way for the Sooners will be a quartet of top returners:  the dynamic Erica Brewer, the stylish Chayse Capps, the consistent Kara Lovan, and the powerful Hayley Scaman.  But OU has more than just those four -- the rest of the returners could form a team that could challenge on its own.  To that core, Coach KJ Kindler adds five frosh, headlined by US National Team member Brenna Dowell, standout L10 Ali Jackson, and former elite Stefani Catour.  Those three add even more power, especially on FX and VT.  Some question marks had arisen regarding Dowell following her injury last season, but she seems to be ready to excel.       



3.  LSU Tigers

4.  Alabama Crimson Tide

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 20/24
Head Coach: D-D Breaux
Assistants: Jay Clark, Bob Moore
Returning Starters (8):  Rheagan Courville (Sr), Syndey Ewing (So), Ashleigh Gnat (So), Lloimincia Hall (Sr), Jessie Jordan (Sr), Britney Ranzy (Sr), Jessica Savona (Jr), Randii Wyrick (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (3):  Michelle Gauthier (So), Shonacee Oliiva (So), Shae Zamardi (So)
Graduated (6):   Kaleigh Dickson, Casey Duvall, Laine Fleming, Mckenzie Fox, Maliah Mathis, Sarie Morrison
Other Losses (0):  N/A  
Newcomers (4):  Myia Hambrick, Erin Macadaeg, Kylie Moran,  Scarlett Williams (SR/TR/Arkansas)
Quick Assessment:  LSU's standout season last season culminated in a 3rd place trophy and even higher expectations for 2015.  A core set of upperclassman and some talented newcomers has the Tigers set to make a run at the title in 2015.  Leading the way are all-around standouts Rheagan Courville (a two-time champ on Vault) and Jessie Jordan, plus crowd favorite Lloimincia Hall.   The Tigers will undoubtably miss the leadership and depth provided by six departed seniors, especially occasional AAer Kaleigh Dickson and UB/VT ace Sarie Morrison.  The pair will be especially missed on UB, an event where the Tigers have given up precious tenths to the Gators and Sooners.  Coach D-D Breaux's squad has been working hard to improve on UB and BB, to close the gap on the co-champs.  Frosh Myia Hambrick and Erin Macadaeg will also look to make an impact, with Macadaeg shining on BB in the preseason exhibition.  All the ingredients seem to be falling into place, and expectations are high in Baton Rouge, and for good reason.  LSU still has the powerful vaulting and tumbling of past Tiger squads, and with improvements on UB and BB they will give the Gators and Sooners all they can handle.         

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 13/24
Head Coach:  Dana Duckworth
Associate Head Coach:  Brian Raschilla
Assistant:  Bill Lorenz
Returning Starters (6):
  Katie Bailey (So), Lauren Beers (Jr), Kaitlyn Clark (Sr), Lora Leigh Frost (Sr), Amanda Jetter (So), Aja Monet-Sims
Other/Injured Returners (6):  Hunter Dennis (Sr), Keely McNeer (So), Dominique Pegg (So), Mary Lillian Sanders (So), Carley Sims (Jr), Kayla Williams (I/Sr)
Graduated (5):   Sarah DeMeo, Ria Dormier, Lindsey Fowler, Kim Jacob, Diandra Milliner
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (5): 
Mackenzie Brannan, Nickie Guerrero, Jennie Loeb, Mackenzie Valentin (So, TR/Arizona), Kiana Winston
Quick Assessment: 
Bama is facing some daunting losses headed into this season, not to mention the loss of their iconic Head Coach Sarah Patterson.  Former assistant and Bama star Data Duckworth is picking up the reigns of the tradition, but is doing so without three huge stars, including NCAA AA champ Kim Jacob.  Jacobs plus Sarah Demeo and Diandra Milliner combined for nearly half of Bama's routines in the Super Six last season, most in the latter half of the lineup.   The six core returnees are led by Katie Bailey, Lauren Beers, Kaitlyn Clark and Aja Monet-Sims.  In addition to that quartet, the Tide hope to get the services of former World Champion Kayla Wiliams and Canadian Olympian Dominique Pegg.  The Coaches' have placed Bama fourth in the Preseason poll, in recognition of all the elite level talent on the team.  These veterans will supplemented by a strong class, including former elite Mackenzie Brannan, L10 standout Nickie Guerrero and elite Kiana Winston, who is still coming back from injuries.  For Bama, how high they rise will depend on the overall health of their stars and how much the newcomers to the lineup can step up their contributions.  

5.  UCLA Bruins

6.  Utah Utes

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 17/24
Head Coach: Valerie Kondos Field
Associate Head Coach:  Chris Waller
Assistant: Randy Lane
Returning Starters (7):  Sadiqua Bynum (Sr), Sophina DeJesus (Jr), Ellette Craddock (Jr), Danusia Francis (Jr), Hallie Mossett (So), Jennifer Pinches (So), Sam Peszek (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (5): Angi Cipra (I/So), Michaela Gerber (So), Christine "Peng Peng" Lee (I/So), Jessy MacArthur (So), Alex Waller (So)
Graduated (3):  Olivia Courtney, Dana McDonald, Syndey Sawa
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (8):  Rechelle Dennis, Karli Dugas, Napualani Hall, JaNay Honest, LaNiesha-Jopre Irvin, Sonya Meraz, Melissa Metcalf, Jordan Williams (GS/I, TR/Arizona)
Quick Assessment:  UCLA finished last season with a fifth place finish in the packed evening sesson of the NCAA semi-finals.  They finished just 0.125 out of a spot in the Super Six, despite a season marred with injuries and inconsistency.  The Bruins find themselves in fifth place in the Preseason Poll, elevated by the decision of Sam Peszek to return for a fifth season.  She'll be needed, as the Bruins will sorely miss the services of Oliva Courtney and Sydney Sawa.  Peszek's and Pinches' decision to return for this season is perhaps Coach Valerie Kondos-Field's biggest "recruiting" coup of the off-season.  The Bruins will also expect big scores from Brit Danusia Francis and increased contributions from sophomore Hallie Mossett, a former elite.  Also returning from an extended series of injuries is Christine Peng-Peng, a talented Canadian whose true potential has been limited by extensive injuries.  Headlining the large incoming are former elites Pua Hall and Melissa Metcalf, complete with big skills like Double Arabians and solid execution..  In addition, Rachelle Dennis, JaNay Honest and LaNiesha-Jopre Irvin are all coming off solid senior years as L10s and will provide much needed depth, especially on vault.   

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 16/24
Head Coaches: Greg and Megan Marsden
Assistant: Tom Farden
Returning Starters (7):  Georgia Dabritz (Sr), Kailah Delaney (Jr), Breanna Hughes (Jr), Corrie Lothrop (Sr), Baely Rowe (So),  Becky Tutka (Sr), Tori Wilson (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (2):  Haley Lange (So), Kassandra Lopez (Jr)
Graduated (4): 
Nansy Damianova, Lia Del Priore, Hailey Hansen, Mary Beth Lofgren
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (4):  
Kari Lee, TIffani Lewis, Samantha Partyka, Maddy Stover
Quick Assessment: The Utes find themselves sixth in the Preseason Poll, despite the loss of eight routines and four graduated seniors.  And, the Pac 12 Coaches' have dubbed the Utes the Preseason favorite to win the Conference title, ahead of the Bruins.  The Utes, in fact, finished fourth in their session of the NCAA Semi-Finals, just behind NU.  This season, they'll look to not only make it back to the Super Six, but to close the gap on the top three.  This will be the season to do it.  They'll be lead by seniors Georgia Dabritz, Corrie Lothrop and Tori Wilson.  All three could be AAers, if they can make the lineup in each event.  These veterans will be joined by Kailah Delaney, a strong vaulter, and an improved Breanna Hughes and Baely Rowe.  Unfortunately, senior Becky Tutka has been slowed by injuries but junior Kassandra Lopez is on the way back from injury.  Pushing all this experience will be four standout frosh:  Kari Lee, Tiffani Lewis, Samantha Partyka and Maddy Stover.  They'll provide not only depth, but possibly could provide top level scores, especially on BB.  In particular, Lee and Stover have the execution, flexibility and grace that can produce the top level scores that the Utes will need to make it back to the Super Six.  The balance beam and maturation of the frosh will tell how far Utah might rise.    

7.  Georgia Gym Dogs

8.  Michigan Wolverines

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 15/24
Head Coach: Danna Durante
Assistants: Jay Hogue, Philip Ogletree
Returning Starters (8):
  Mary Beth Box (Jr), Ashlynn Broussard (So), Kiera Brown (So), Chelsea Davis (Sr), Brandie Jay (Jr), Lauren Johnson (So/I), Morgan Reynolds (So), Brittany Rogers (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (5):  Demetria Hunte (Sr), Whitney Kirby (Sr), Sarah Persinger (Sr), Beth Roberts (So), Rachel Schick (So)
Graduated (3):  Lindsey Cheek, Kaylan Earls, Cat Hires
Other Losses (1):  Anysia Unick (I/R)
Newcomers (5):  Jasmine Arnold, Viviana Babalis, GiGi Marino, Hayley Sanders, Natalie Vaculik
Quick Assessment:  The Georgia Gym Dogs overcame the loss of some key veterans and not only qualified for the Super Six, but finished fifth.  Once again, the Gym Dogs find themselves without some key departed veterans and are looking forward to the challenge of making it back to Super Six.  In particular, UGA's Lindsey Cheek and Kaylan Earls were key athletes that consistently delivered 9.9+ routines near the end of the UGA lineups.  Coach Danna Durante's Gym Dogs have previuosly defied expectations and overcome graduation losses to finish among the leaders  To stay at that level, they'll need some big scores from senior bar ace Chelsea Davis and juniors Brandie Jay and Brittany Rogers.  Rogers competed injured at the end of last season; they look to get her back in more events.  Also giving the squad a boost will be the return of Sarah Persinger.  The sophomores will also look to make a step forward and take on starring roles, especially Ashlyn Broussard, Kiera Brown and Morgan Reynolds.  UGA will also look to its large frosh class to step in immediately, as they'll provide both depth and some potentially high scoring routines.  In particular, Canadian Natalie Vaculik has elite level polish and some top level skills.  Similarly, Vivi Babalis shines on beam and floor, while GiGi Marino tumbles some top skills on Floor (double layout, pike full-in).

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 13/24
Head Coach: Bev Plocki
Assistants: Dave Kuzara, Scott Sherman
Returning Starters (5):  Nicole Artz (So), Briley Casanova (Jr), Talia Chiarelli (So), Sachi Sugiyama (Sr), Lindsay Williams (So)
Other/Injured Returners (3):  Annette Miele (Sr), Brooke Parker (Sr), Austin Sheppard (I/Jr)
Graduated (5): Teresa Arthur, Natalie Beilstein, Shelby Gies, Joanna Sampson, Reema Zhakharia
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (6):  Brianna Brown, Nichelle Christopherson, Ilana Gordon, Cailee Hills, Lauren Marinez (I), India McPeak
Quick Assessment:   Michigan starts the season having lost nearly half of their routines from last year's NCAA Semi-Finals appearance and return just five starters from that lineup.  What's more, these departed athletes, especially Natalie Beilstein and Joanna Sampson, consistently produced some of the top scores in the NCAA.  The loss of so much scoring potential, experience and leadership provides a big opportunity for the new team to step up.   Leading the way will be senior AAer Sachi Sugiyama and sophomore Nicole Artz.  They provide AA potential and important scores late in the lineup.  Also looking strong in the preseason is sophomore Talia Chiarelli and junior Briley Casanova.  However, a big variable for the Wolverines will be junior Austin Sheppard.  She broke her ankle prior to Regionals, and she can play an important role for this year's squad.  This year, the Wolverines will need to have even bigger contributions from their frosh.  Leading the way is Brianna Brown, a former elite who is coming off a strong year as a L10.  She'll be potential AAer in her first year.  However, another potential key gymnast, Lauren Marinez is injured while both Cailee Hills and India McPeak are working their way back from injury.  Injuries and depth are the key issues here and will tell the tale of how far Michigan can rise this year. 

9.  Nebraska Cornhuskers

10.  Stanford Cardinal

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  18/24
Head Coach: Dan Kendig
Assistants:  Heather Brink, Dan Miller
Returning Starters (7):  Hollie Blanske (Jr), Jessie DeZiel (Sr), Amanda Lauer (Jr), Jennifer Lauer (Sr), Jennie Laeng (So), Ariel Martin (So), Desire Stephens (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (2):  Ashley Lambert (So), Madison McConkey (Jr)
Graduated (2):  Jamie Schleppenbach, Emily Wong
Other Losses (1):  Sean Tafuri (signee)
Newcomers (3):  Danielle Breen, Kamerin Moore, Grace Williams
Quick Assessment: 
Nebraska's season finished on a high note with a sixth place finish in the Super Six.  They overachieved once again, taking a small squad and working themselves into some of the best gymnastics of their careers.  Gone from that squad are just two gymnasts representing six routines, but Emily Wong was usually good for a 9.9+ on each event.  On a naturally less-deep squad, this would have a big impact.  But for the Huskers, things are looking bright.  Back to lead the team are potential AAers Hollie Blanske, Jessie DeZiel and Jennie Laeng.  They will be capably supported by a wide range of specialists, including Ariel Martin and Jennifer Lauer.  This forms a strong and experienced core.  Supplementing that core is perhaps Nebraska's finest recruiting class in years.  All three are coming off of strong Level 10 club seasons, and look set to contribute immediately.  Former elite Grace Williams leads the way, and she is a three time JO L10 National AA champ.  Clubmate Kamerin Moore is a former elite who won a National UB title at the JO level in 2014.  Breen is yet another potential AAer, and she made the Level 10 JO National team in 2014.  Given the NU's coaching staff's penchant for getting the most out of their athletes, starting with this much talent could lead to great things in the future.  These three, while not throwing some of the big skills of other former elites, excel with their grace and execution.   

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 20/24
Head Coach: Kristen Smyth
Associate Head Coach:  Chris Swircek
Assistant:  Tabitha Yim
Returning Starters (9)Melissa Chuang (Jr), Rachel Daum (So), Jenna Frowein (Jr), Danielle McNair (So), Nicolette McNair (So), Taylor Rice (Jr), Samantha Shapiro (Sr), Kristina Vaculik (Sr), Rebecca Wing (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (5): Carinne Gale (So), Pauline Hanset (Jr/I), Ivana Hong (Sr/I), Sophia Lee (So/I), Haley Spector (So)
Graduated (3)Shona Morgan, Amanda Spinner, Lucy Meyer
Other Losses (1):  Alex Archer (I)
Newcomers (1):  Elizabeth Price
Quick Assessment:   Stanford finished 4th in their session of the NCAAs, 0.5 points out of a spot in the Super Six.  They lose just three gymnasts representing four routines from that starting lineup. However, two of those routines were the critical leadoff and anchor routines on beam.  The squad in 2014 depended quite a bit on an inexperienced Frosh class.  A year later, these gymnasts, now sophomores, could take an even bigger role on this squad.  The returning squad does boast plenty of upperclassman leadership and experience.  They are led by senior and Canadian Olympian Kristina Vaculik, one of the top returning AAers in the NCAA.  Joining her is junior Taylor Rice and senior specialist Samantha Shapiro.  They form a key core at the center of the team.  Three of the sophomores had big debut seasons:  Rachel Daum, Danielle McNair and Nicolette McNair.  Any of the three could step forward into a starring role this season. There is also a lot of potential in athletes that were injured in 2014, in particular former elites Ivana Hong and Sophia Lee.  And it goes without saying that the Cardinal will look immediately to US National Team member and Olympic alternate Elizabeth Price as an immediate AA force.  She'll be more than enough to replace the lost routines.  However, it will be the return of Hong and the further development of the sophomores that will tell the tale of how far this team can rise. 


11.  Oregon State Beavers

12.  Auburn Tigers

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 19/24
Head Coach: Tanya Chaplin
Associate Head Coach:  Mike Chaplin
Assistant:  Brian Amato
Returning Starters (10):  Erika Aufiero (Jr), Maddie Gardiner (So), Megan Jimenez (So), Taylor Keeker (Sr), Kaytianna McMillan (So), Katelyn Ohlrich (Jr), Kailie Ponto (Sr), Chelsea Tang (Jr), Nicole Turner (Jr), Cerise Witherby (Jr),
Other/Injured Returners (1):  Taylor Ricci (So)
Graduated (3):  Kelsey Blalock, Hannah Casey, Brittany Harris
Other Losses (2):  Kana Kobayashi (R/I), Jaime Wright (R/I)
Newcomers (5):  Silvia Colussi-Pelaez (So, TR/Florida), Dani Dessaints, Shireen Khamedoost, Risa Perez (Jr, TR/ASU), Jamie Rademacher (Jr, TR/EMU)
Quick Assessment:   The Beavers finished third in their Regional, edged from a spot at Nationals by host PSU.  A few untimely injuries limited the Beavers from their full potential at the end of the season, in particular on vault.  Leading the way in 2015 are AAers Maddie Gardiner and Chelsea Tang, who both have NCAA experience.  Junior Erika Aufiero, the ace on UB, leads a wide range of specialists on this large squad.  Oregon State will also look for expanded contributions from Kaytianna McMillan, a potential AAer who was limited by injury last season.  They'll also welcome five newcomers, three of whom come with experience as transfers.  Silvia Colussi-Pelaez is an elite with World Championships experience who coould blossom in Corvallis.  Former ASU star Risa Perez is a standout on FX, where her personality and dance skills shine.  Vault was a weakness last year, and this is where having a healthy squad and some more dynamic vaulting will help.  Because of the depth of the NCAA and the parity enhanced by the code, the Beavers will be in the thick of a battle to earn one of the remaining spots at Nationals.   

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Jeff Graba
Assistants: Kurt Hettinger, Jenny Rowland
Starting Routines Returning: 24/24
Returning Starters (9):  Caitlin Atkinson (Jr), Lexus Demers (Jr), Kullen Hlawek (So), Caryn Kadous (Sr), Kait Kluz (Jr), Kelsey Kopec (Jr), MJ Rott (So), Megan Walker (Sr), Brittany Webster (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (3):  Meggie Lim (So), Lucia Scaglione (So), Kelsey Thomasson (Sr)
Graduated (1):   Nicole Galluzo
Other Losses (2):  Kara Koster (Jr/?), Miranda Telmanik (So/?)
Newcomers (6):  Brooke Bray, Kennedy Finnister (I), Sarah Garcia, Blake Jones, Abby Milliet, Cara Stricklin
Quick Assessment:  Auburn had a strong 2014 campaign, marred at the end by an injury to star AAer Bri Guy (dual Achilles' tears, a very tough injury) and to the other star AAer, Caitlin Atkinson (could not compete FX at Regionals).  In part due to this, AU struggled at Regionals, placing fifth after a poor performance on the UB.  Hopes are high for the squad in 2015, with the Coaches' giving them the nod for 12th place in the Preseason rankings.  They'll be led again by Atkinson, fully recovered and once again a force.  She'll be capably supported by last year's top frosh, the powerful MJ Rott, and elegant senior Megan Walker, a key end of the lineup gymnast on UB and BB.  A wide range of specialists will provide depth and top level skills, particularly on FX, where gymnasts like Lexus Demers and Brittany Webster give the squad big E skills like pike full-ins.  The big question for the Tigers is how quickly can Guy come back from such a serious injury.  She's already tumbling and vaulting, albeit not yet at the level of her considerable talent.  Instead, the Tigers can look to a boost from a large frosh class, headlined by elite Abby Milliet.  Milliet could be a difference maker, if she is able to compete to the best of her abilities.  Getting to Nationals is becoming tougher and tougher, and AU is on the hot seat.   

Table:  Teams #1 to #12

Table:  Teams #13 to #25

Key to the Tables:


Ranking: By 2015 Preseason Coaches' Poll

Coaches: Only regular, paid coaches are listed.

Starting Routines: Defined by starting lineup in last meet of the post season.
Returning Starters:
Defined by starting lineup in last competition
Year in School:
(Is listed as reported on the school's roster)

Fr = Freshman
So = Sophomore
Jr = Junior
Sr = Senior

Status Codes for Returners:

I = major season ending injury in 2014 or preseason 2014-2015
R = retirement/not competing (for any other reason than transfer or injury)
TR = Transfer
RS = Redshirt (note:  not all eligible gymnasts will employ or are awarded a redshirt year)
?=unconfirmed/unknown information


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2015 Capsule Previews: Teams #13 to #25


13.  Arkansas GymBacks


14.  California Golden Bears

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 15/24
Head Coach: Mark Cook
Assistants: Samantha (nee Cortez) Snider, Jaime Pisani
Returning Starters (7):  Stephanie Canizaro (Sr), Sydnie Dillard (Jr), Heather Elswick (Jr), Erin Freier (Jr), Keara Glover (Jr), Samantha Nelson (So), Amanda Wellick (So)
Other/Injured Returners (2):  Cailee Ellsworth (Sr), Paris Ryder (So)
Graduated (3):  Katherine Grable, Shelby Salmon, Bailee Zumwalde
Other Losses (2):  Emily Bates (So/?), Scarlet Williams (RS Sr, TR/LSU)
Newcomers (5):  Mia Bargiacchi, Leah Macmoyle, Braie Speed, Kathleen York, Paige Zaziski
Quick Assessment:  Arkansas placed 3rd in their Region last season, falling just short of a spot at Nationals.  Shakiness on the beam eventually kept them from taking advantage of UCLA's falls.  Gone from that squad is superstar Katherine Grable, a two-time NCAA champion last year and one of the leaders of the squad for the last several years.  An athlete of her skill level and polish is tough to replace.  In total, the departed athletes accounted for 9 routines from last year's Regionals squad.  However, none were more important than Grable's consistent 9.9+ routines.  If that wasn't enough, Arkansas' coaching staff was split up this off-season, with Rene Lyst taking the top spot at ASU.  However, there is still plenty of talent on this roster.  Leading the way for the Gym Backs is sophomore AAer Amanda Wellick, who made the NCAAs as an individual.  She'll be capably supported by a strong set of returners, including senior Stefanie Canizaro.  Arkansas will look for immediate contributions from the five frosh. They are led by former elite Braie Speed and L10 Paige Zaziski.  The latter had a stellar senior season, taking the National JO L10 vault title in her age group and making the JO National team. 


Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach:  Justin Howell
Assistants:  Elizabeth Crandall, Jessa Hansen
Starting Routines Returning: 17/24
Returning Starters (7):  Zoe Draghi (So), Kristina Heymann (Jr), Jessica Howe (So), Serena Leong (Jr), Charlie Owens (So), Desiree Palmores (So), Crystal Paz (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (5):  Isabelle Castillo (So/i), Dana Ho (So), Maddie Kratzke (Sr), Amber Takara (So), Jordan Widener (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Leilani Alferos,Alicia Asturias, Dallas Crawford
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (4):  Alicia Gallarzo, Ariana Robertson, Yuleen Sternberg, Toni-Ann Williams
Quick Assessment:  The progress Cal made the prior season continued again last season, as the Bears finished with a 3rd place finish at the Pac 12s and a 4th place finish at Regionals.  From that squad, they lost some key individuals, including AA star Alicia Asturias and fellow NCAA qualifier Dallas Crawford.  Perhaps most important, Cal lost half their lineup to graduation on bars, and it's an event that they struggled on with depth last season.  Leading the way in 2015 are potential AAers Jessica Howe and Charlie Owens, plus three event standout Serena Leong.  They'll also look to get more contributions from their other returners as they work their way back from injury, including Dana Ho and Amber Takara.  Of the other returners, Emily Richardson has stood out during the fall training with some big improvements from last season.  The frosh could also contribute immediately, especially on floor and bars.  Toni-Ann Williams is a L10 with international elite experience (Jamaica) and some big skills (double layout on FX, double front off BB).  She'll be a major impact gymnast for the Bears.  Will the Bears be able to break through this season?  Finding a strong UB lineup and building consistency on all events will be a key.  However, the pieces are all in place for the Bears to continue their upward trajectory. 




15.  Illiois Fighting Illini


16.  Penn State Nittany Lions

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Kim Landrus
Assistants:  Jacob Lee, Chad Wiest
Starting Routines Returning: 15/24
Returning Starters (7):  Erin Buchanan (So), Kelsi Eberly (Sr), Heather Foley (Jr), Mary Jane Horth (So), Sunny Kato (Sr), Jordan Naleway (Sr), Giana O'Connor (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (4):  Tori Fujinami (Jr), Suren Kanchanavaleerat (So), Sarah Lyons (So/I), Gabriella Nguyen (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Sarah Fiedler, Elizabeth McNabb, Amber See
Other Losses (1):  Emily Lennon (?)
Newcomers (2):  Jordyn Givens, Bridget Hodan
Quick Assessment:  The Illini once again battled through the the logjam of teams attempting to qualify to Nationals and made it through, finishing 11th overall.  They got there by holding off Minnesota for the second spot.  Gone from that squad are a trio of key graduates (Sarah Fiedler, Amber See, Elizabeth McNabb) plus sophomore Emily Lennon.  They'll miss these nine routines, especially AAer Fiedler and VT/FX ace See.  With half the BB lineup gone, the Ilini have some holes to fill on that pressure-packed event.  They'll be led this season by junior All-Arounder Giana O'Connor and senior UB/BB ace Sunny Kato.  They'll also look to big contributions from sophomores Erin Buchanan and Mary Jane Horth, either of whom could step into AA roles.  They also welcome two frosh, Jordyn Givens and Bridget Hodan.  Both are Level 10s and will give the Illini a much needed boost in depth.  Several members of the roster have not competed all four events (some due to injury) and so depth and experience on certain events like vault is a potential issue.  To make Nationals once again, the Illini will have to work hard to close the these gaps.  However, the Illini have been making a habit of making this type of thing happen.   


Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Jeff Thompson
Associate Head Coach:  Rachelle Thompson
Assistant:  Jeff Richards
Starting Routines Returning: 15/24
Returning Starters (6):  Nicole Medvitz (So), Samantha Musto (Jr), Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Sr), Emma Sibson (So), Krystal Welsh (Sr), Alex Witt (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (2
):  Lexi Carroll (Sr/I), Tina Postiglione (So/I)
Graduated (2):  Lindsay Musgrove, Kassidy Stauder
Other Losses (6):  Taylor Alotta (Jr/R/Student Coach), Alix Faden (Jr/?), Hannah Kobman (Jr/?), Jenny Lash (So/?), Randi Lau (Sr/TR), Savannah Soares (Jr)

Newcomers (4):  Lauren Li, Chanen Raygoza, Oni Timothy, Brannah Tsang
Quick Assessment:   Penn State overcame the challenges of graduation losses in 2013 to make the most of their Regional host position in 2014 and qualify to Nationals by capturing the second qualifying spot.  They ended up finishing 12th, capping a strong season overall.  They are facing a similar challenge heading into 2015, notably, the loss of 9 routines, including key AAer Kassidy Stauder, three event standout Randi Lau and VT/FX specialist Lindsay Musgrove.  PSU looks set to take on the challenge, however, led by Senior AAers Sidney Sanabria-Robles and Krystal Welsh.  The Nittany Lions will also look to the continued improvements from sophomores Nicole Medvitz (who was slowed by a shoulder problem) and Emma Sibson.  The good news doesn't end there.  The squad will look to a very strong and talented frosh class for immediate contributions, especially on floor and vault, where PSU has lost half of their lineup and may lack some depth due to prior injuries.  This incoming class boasts athletes with some big E skills (double layout, pike full-in on FX) and big vaults (Yurchenko 1 1/2 from Briannah Tsang, one of Canada's top vaulters).  For PSU this season, a quick frosh transition and the avoidance of injury to the vault lineup could be keys. 




17.  Minnesota Gophers


18.  Ohio State Buckeyes

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Jenny (Alf) Hansen
Assistants:  Geralen Stack-Eaton, Rich Stenger
Starting Routines Returning: 16/24
Returning Starters (7):  Jenny Covers (Sr), Rachel Haines (So), Madie Hanley (Jr), Bailie Holst (So), Lindsay Mable (Jr), Hanna Nordquist (Jr), Cierra Tomson (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (3):  Bailey Abernathy (So), Athena Geisness (So), Kaitlin Rahon (So)
Graduated (3):  Justine Cherwink, Dusti Russell, Kayla Slechta
Other Losses (1):  Kylie Schermann (Sr/R)
Newcomers (5):  Abby DeMuse, Bailey Gardner, Ciara Gardner, Hannah Hitchcock, Rachel Rowland
Quick Assessment:   The Minnesota program has gone through some difficult turmoils in the off-season, leading to the resignation of former Head Coach Meg Stevenson.  Jenny Hansen takes over the reigns, along with a new staff of assistants.  Last year, the Gophers set aside the distractions and turmoil to place 3rd in their Regional, after a solid season.  They have the personnel to challenge once again, led by their superstar junior, Lindsay Mable.  Mable will once again challenge the top AAers in her conference, and in the nation.  She'll be capably supported by seniors Jenny Covers and Cierra Thompson, along with junior beam ace Hanna Nordquist.  This solid core of experienced athletes will form the basis of the Gophers' push to return to Nationals.  The Gophers also welcome five new frosh, led by a pair of standouts with the same last name, but who are not related.  Bailey Gardner and Ciara Gardner were L10 standouts, each placing in the top 6 AA in prior years at JO Nationals.  The former is especially known as a standout vaulter, while the latter, while missing the last season, bears the hallmarks of her WOGA training.  For Minnesota, the keys to the season in the gym are getting strong contributions from the frosh, and continuing to work to address their weak event, the UB.    


Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Carey Fagan
Assistants:  Taylor Jones, Randy Monahan
Starting Routines Returning: 12/24
Returning Starters (5):  Maggie Dunn (Jr), Sarah Grady (Sr), Samantha Kent (Jr), Tenille Funches (So), Jaine Van Putten (So)
Other/Injured Returners (3):  Rachel Abrams (Jr), Michelle Burns (So), Erin Malone (So)
Graduated (4):  Victoria Aepli, Alex DeLuca, Sarah Miller, Melanie Shaffer
Other Losses (4):  Maddie Herr (Jr, I/TR/San Jose State), Anna Hill (So, ?), Audrey Tolbert (Jr, TR/WVU), Andrea Vazquez (Jr/I/R)
Newcomers (5):  Megan Feltham, Taylor Harrison, Kaitlyn Hofland, Alexis Mattern, Stefanie Merkle

Quick Assessment:  Ohio State enters the season facing the loss of some key iconic athletes and a change in the coaching staff.  Sarah Miller and Melanie Shaffer produced some of the top scores on the team, and had some of the highest level of difficulty on the squad.  In total, the graduated and departed athletes accounted for 12 routines and a good portion of the squad's depth.  There are just five returnees from last season's fourth place Regional squad.  Leading the way for the returnees is sophomore Tenille Funches, potentially a dynamic AAer who was slowed by injury last season.  Also taking on bigger roles this season will be senior Sarah Grady and junior Maggie Dunn.  Fortunately for the Buckeyes, they welcoming not only one of their strongest incoming classes in five years, but one of the top in the nation.  The class includes 2014 JO National AA Champ Taylor Harrison and Canadian National Team member Stefanie Merkle, plus former Canadian National Team member Kaitlyn Hofland (working her way back from injury) and standout L10 Alexis Mattern.   How quickly these frosh can adjust and take on key roles in the lineup will tell how competitive for a spot at Nationals the Buckeyes can be this season. 




19.  Boise State Broncos


20.  Denver Pioneers

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach:  Neil Resnick and Tina Bird
Assistants: Patty Resnick
Starting Routines Returning: 19/24
Returning Starters (8):  Brooke Graham (So), Krystine Jacobsen (Jr), Maddie Krentz (Jr), Diana Mejia (So), Kelsey Morris (Sr), Ciera Perkins (Sr), Paige Urquhart (So), Marissa Wossner (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (4):  Mackenzie Bennion (So/I), Mary Frances Bir (So), Sandra Collantes (So/I), Molly McFarland (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Kelsey Black, Alessandro Cinfio, Amanda Otuafi
Other Losses (1):  McKenna Bird (So/?)

Newcomers (4):  Alex Esmerian, Lianne Josbacher, Ann Stockwell, Abby Webb
Quick Assessment: 
The Broncos enters the season with the #19 ranking and 19 of their 24 routines from their Regional effort.  They placed 5th in that Region, with a counting fall on BB that was enough to knock them well down the standings in a competitive region.  In prior seasons, they had narrowly missed a spot at Nationals. Gone from the 2014 squad are five routines, including key VT/FX routines from Kelsey Black and Amanda Otuafi.  Leading the charge in 2015 are a pair of talented seniors, Kelsey Morris and Ciera Perkins.  Morris is a consistent AAer for the Broncos while Perkins brings big scores on three events, plus a nice full-in on FX.  They'll be capably supported by juniors Krystine Jacobsen and Maddie Krentz.  Adding to a strong core of experienced athletes are four newcomers, led by L10 Lianne Josbacher.  Josbacher swept the events and the AA at the 2014 Region VI L10 Regionals.  Both Alex Esmerian and Ann Stockwell excel on vault, and any combination of the three could potentially fill the lineup spots vacated by the departed veterans.  With some added depth and some additional work on BB consistency, the Broncos could put themselves back in the mix once again.    


Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart
Assistants: Linas Gaveika, Carl Leland
Starting Routines Returning: 13/24
Returning Starters (6):  Rachel Fielitz (So), Leah Lomonte (So), Nina McGee (Sr), Katie Menhinick (Jr), Julia Ross (So), Ellese Sakai-Hart (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (6) Alix Angelopulo (Sr), Emily Barrett (Jr), Rachel Feeken (Jr), Maggie Laughlin (Jr), Emily Novotny (Jr), Morgan Tolman (Jr)
Graduated (6): 
Jorie Hall, Moriah Martin, Kaitlin Moorhead, Melodie Pulgarin Linero, Emily Warfield, Paige Tollefson
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (3):  Nikole Addison, Brittany Franklin, Claire Hammen,
Quick Assessment:  Denver enters the 2015 facing the need to replace some key team leaders and top scorers.  They finished the 2014 campaign ranked 18th, having placed 3rd in the Region.  Gone from that squad are a number of key gymnasts, including AAer and All-American Moriah Martin, former NCAA BB qualifier Jorie Hall, and AAer Melodie Pulgarin Linero.  In total, the graduated gymnasts accounted for 11 of DU's 24 routines at Regionals.  From that squad, Denver returns six competitors, led by senior AAer Nina McGee and sophomore Leah Lomonte, who is another potential AAer.  The Pioneers will also look to some gymnasts who had reduced roles last season (for one reason or another).  In particular, Maggie Laughlin is a potential AA candidate while Emily Barrett has the potential to break into more lineups. Joining them are a trio of frosh, led by L10 powerhouse Nikole Addison.  All three have the potential to break into lineups and supplement the depth chart.  The key for DU is to gain experience and to find the end of the lineup gymnasts that will pull the higher scores.  With the field to get to Nationals getting deeper and deeper, a few standout routines can help give a team that extra added edge to earn that spot at Nationals.    




21.  Arizona WIldcats


22.  Kentucky Wildcats

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Starting Routines Returning: 20/24
Head Coach: Bill Ryden
Associate Heach Coach:  John Court
Assistants: Randi (Liljenquist) Acosta
Returning Starters (10):  Shelby Edwards (Jr), Selynna Felix-Terrazas (So), Allison Flores (Sr), Shay Fox (Sr), Krysten Howard (So), Kristin Klarenbach (Sr), Gabby Laub (So), Lexi Mills (Jr), Jessie Sisler (Jr), Amber Wobma (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (1):  Danielle Buchanan (Sr)
Graduated (3):  Barbara Donaldson, Shana Sangston, Ali Stakem
Other Losses (3):  Mackenzie Valentin (So, TR/Bama),Jordan Williams (GR, TR/UCLA), Krishna Yemany (Jr/I/R)
Newcomers (3):  Madison Cindric, Victoria Ortiz, Kennady Schneider
Quick Assessment:  Arizona placed sixth at Regionals last year, running into issues (falls) on UB that pushed their final ranking down to 24th.  They've been elevated in the Preseason poll, perhaps in recognition of the large set of experienced returnees.  They return 20 of 24 routines from 10 different athletes, a rare veteran squad in this year's Top 25.  They'll be led once again by seniors Allie Flores, Kristen Klarenbach and Amber Wobma along with junior Shelby Edwards.  Flores is a solid AAer, while Klarenbach draws big scores on FX (double Arabian) and VT.  Edwards has a powerful vault and excels on BB and UB.  It's the UB where the Wildcats will be focusing in the offseason, not only to improve execution but to improve consistency.  Having another year of experience for the sophomores will help, as will a trio of frosh newcomers.  The frosh are led by Madison Cindric, a L10 and former JO National Team member (2013).  Kennady Schneider is a L10 from Gymcasts who placed 28th AA at the 2014 JO Nationals.  She and classmate Victoria Ortiz both excel on the UB, a clear focus area for the Wildcats.  Blending a very experienced core with some talented newcomers, the Wildcats will look to put themselves in the mix. 


Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach:  Tim Garrison
Assistants: Chuck Dickerson, Mary McDaniel
Starting Routines Returning: 16/24
Returning Starters (8):  Kayla Hartley (Sr), Shelby Hilton (Sr), Shannon Mitchell (Sr), Tiara Phipps (Jr), Taylor Puryear (So), Amy Roemmele (Jr), Sara Shipley (Sr), Montana Whittle (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (4):  Marissa Beucler (Jr), Alyssa Bertoni (RS Fr/I), Kirsten Canini (So), Alexis Gross (Sr)
Graduated (3):  Holly Cunningham, Audrey Harrison, Kayla Sienkowski
Other Losses (2):  Kenzie Hedges (Sr/?),Shannon Reynolds (Sr/?)
Newcomers (5):  Katie Carlisle, Brittany Furuyama, Khadijah Hudson (Jr, TR/EMU), Cori Rechenmacher, Syndey Waltz
Quick Assessment:  Kentucky posted their highest ever Regional mark to finish fourth in their Region in 2014.  Lost from that squad is their top AAer, Audrey Harrison, and key specialists Holly Cunningham, Kayla SIenkowski and Kenzie Hedges.  All told, the lost gymnasts accounted for 8 routines on that Regional squad, as well as strong leadership and experience.  Kentucky will look to a variety of returners to step up and fill the void, with a total of 8 starters and 12 gymnasts to choose from.  Leading the way is senior Kayla Hartley, a three event standout last season who excels on the floor.  Classmates Shannon Mitchell and Shelby Hilton should also contribute strongly once again, particularly on vault, where the Wildcats must replace half the lineup.  UK will also welcome back Marissa Beucler and Alexis Gross, who did not compete last season but were regular starters in prior seasons.  Supplementing this experienced core are five newomers, led by Sydney Waltz.  Waltz placed 8th AA at the 2014 and 2013 JO Nationals.  Also providing a needed boost will be Brittany Furuyama, a stronger vaulter who placed 14th at the 2013 JO Nationals.  With a strong returning core and some talented newcomers, the Wildcats are poised to continue their march up the standings.        




23.  Central Michigan Chippewas


24.  Washington Huskies

Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach:  Jerry Reighard
Associate Head Coach:  Christine MacDonald
Assistants: Vince Smurro
Starting Routines Returning: 18/24
Returning Starters (9):  Taylor Bolender (Jr), Becca Druien (Sr), Kylie Fagan (Sr), Preslee Harrald (Sr), Halle Moraw (Sr), Taylor Noonan (Sr), Kirsten Petzold (Sr), Kirsten Stambaugh (So), Karlee Teet (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (6):  Rachel Carr (So), Jordan Charrette (Jr), Caroline Fitzpatrick (So), Tori Garcia (Sr), Megan Lamphere (Jr), Shaila Segal (So)
Graduated (2):  Emily Heinz,Brittany Pezold
Other Losses (0):  N/A

Newcomers (6):  Courtney Campbell, Katy Clements, Macey Hilliker, Bryttany Kapplan, Jodie Plescow, Miranda Wieczorek
Quick Assessment:  Central Michigan excelled again at Regionals, placing 3rd in their Region and placing 17th in the Final rankings.  This hardworking squad continued to pile up impressive scores during the regular season, and finished their regional 0.775 points away from a spot at Nationals.  They enter 2015 missing six routines from two graduated stars, Brittany Petzold and NCAA qualifier Emily Heinz.  CMU looks set to challenge once again, led by NCAA qualifiers Halle Moraw and Taylor Noonan, both seniors.  Along with senior AAer Becca Druien, beam ace Kylie Fagan and Preslee Harrald, they form the strong, experienced core of this squad.  The Chippewas also welcome six frosh to an already large squad.  They look to six other returners plus these six newcomers to fight for spots in the lineup, giving the squad tremendous depth.  What the Chippewas will need, however, is for the rest of the squad to close the gap on the senior leaders, and to raise the level of their vaulting overall.  The Chippewas are a squad known for their improvement and hard work.  These key ingredients to moving up are well within their reach.


Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Joanne Bowers
Assistants: David McCreary, Elise Ray
Starting Routines Returning: 18/23
Returning Starters (8):  Kaitlin Duranczyk (So), McKenzie Fechter (Sr), Janae Janik (So), Jackie McCartin (Sr), Faith Morrison (So), Allison Northey (Jr), Madison Podlucky (Sr), Alex Yacalis (So)
Other/Injured Returners (2):  Jessica Nesis (So), Stephanie Stowe (So/I)
Graduated (1):  Aliza Vaccher
Other Losses (1):  Sheridan Metcalf (Jr, R/I/Team Manager)
Newcomers (6):  Hailey Burleson, Joslyn Goings, Emily Liddle, Dori Overhus, Zoey Schaefer, Alyssa Shermetaro
Quick Assessment:  The Huskies faced a rough, up and down season last year, complicated by injuries.  Short-handed and not competing all 24 routines, they struggled to make the Regional meet.  Once there, they posted a surprise, placing 4th in their Region, and finished ahead of several higher ranked teams to finish 26th overall.  They lose a key athlete from that squad, AA star and former NCAA qualifier Aliza Vaccher.  They also enter the season with one of their stars, Jackie McCartin, limited to BB due to an offseason injury.  All is not dire, however, as they return 8 starters, led by junior Allie Northey, an All Pac 12 AA first team selection, and sophomore standouts Janae Janik and Alex Yacalis.  But perhaps the real reason behind their higher than expected Preseason rank is an exceptional frosh class. All six, plus redshirt newcomer Stephanie Stowe, have posted AA scores of 37.925 in Regional or National competition.  Five of seven have finished in the Top 8 at JO Nationals.  Having seven new athletes at this level is unusual for any squad.  Frosh adjustment is highly unpredictable, so if the Huskies don't challenge for a higher rank this season, they could for the next several if these athletes can continue their development. 




25.  Iowa State Cyclones






Official Web Site: Link Schedule Roster
Head Coach: Jay Ronayne
Assistants:  Kristen Maloney, Katie Minesola
Starting Routines Returning: 9/24
Returning Starters (4):  Caitlin Brown (Sr), Kristen DeCosta (Jr), Allie Hansen (So), Alex Marasco (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (4):  Annie Glasenapp (Jr/I), Lily Hardman (So), Sammie Pearsall (Jr), Sara Townsend (Jr/I)
Graduated (6):  Henrietta Green, Milan Ivory, Hailey Johnson, Megan McDonald, Camille Santerre-Gervais, Michelle Shealy
Other Losses (1):  Becca McRobbie (So/?)
Newcomers (8):  Hilary Green, Courtney Horstman, Briana Ledesma, Courtney Middlekoop, Micole O'Dell, Kelsey Paz, Lark Poladnik (So, TR/Mizzou), Haylee Young
Quick Assssment:   Iowa State ended last season on a high note, placing third in their Regional.  The team built momentum throughout the season, ending with a string of strong meets and the #21 National ranking.  The Preseason poll places them 25th, likely in recognition that the six graduated seniors represented a good portion of the team's scoring.  15 of the 24 routines competed at Regionals came from these six athletes.  The clear leader for the Cyclones is senior Caitlin Brown.  Brown had a breakout season last year, qualifying to NCAA Nationals as an individual.  Heading into the new season, Head Coach Jay Ronayne must look to his other returners to step up as well as lead the development of the eight newcomers.  The incoming class is headed up by frosh Haylee Young, Hilary Green, Briana Ledesma, Kelsey Paz and Mizzou transfer Lark Poladnik.  For Iowa State, their season will pretty much hinge on how quickly the newcomers can adapt and contribute.  In addition, they'll look to the returnees to expand their contributions and provide the leadership that the young squad will need.   

Table:  Teams #1 to #12

Table:  Teams #13 to #25

Key to the Tables:


Ranking: By 2015 Preseason Coaches' Poll

Coaches: Only regular, paid coaches are listed.

Starting Routines: Defined by starting lineup in last meet of the post season.
Returning Starters:
Defined by starting lineup in last competition
Year in School:
(Is listed as reported on the school's roster)

Fr = Freshman
So = Sophomore
Jr = Junior
Sr = Senior

Status Codes for Returners:

I = major season ending injury in 2014 or preseason injury in 2014-2015
R = retirement/not competing (for any other reason than transfer or injury)

S = Under suspension
TR = Transfer
RS = Redshirt (note:  not all eligible gymnasts will employ or are awarded a redshirt year)
?=unconfirmed/unknown information



Tuesday, 16 December 2014 00:00

2015 Top 25 Capsule Previews

The Capsule Previews for the Top 25 Women's Teams, as determined by the Preseason Coaches' Poll, are now available.  In each case, we have summarized the rosters and their list of newcomers, and quickly summarized their prospects and challenges.  Defending Co-Champion Florida and OU seek to retain their title.  But who will challenge?  And which 12 teams are in the best position to make Nationals this April?

Sunday, 14 December 2014 00:00

2018-2019 Commits

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2018-2019 school year, consisting mainly of 2018 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in BOLD RED are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July 2017.  Counts in BOLD BLUE are based on our survey in July of 2016.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Responses in italics are estimates made by or in other colors are from the prior year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

Updated:  12/28/18

College or University

# Available for incoming '18-'19 (total/remaining)

Air Force; release
All appointments include

Grace Bardes, Gymstars, L10
Pixie Brock, Buckeye, L10
Mackenzie Brummett, Xtreme, L10
Nicole Coukart, Uzelec, L10
Aleysia Kolyvanova, Synergy, L10
Natalie Meyer, TAGS, L10
Kayla Perez, Legacy Elite, L10
Val Smith, Sonshine, L10
Cameo Stapleton, Bart Connor, L10
Daija Stevenson, Paulding, L10

Alabama; release; roster

3 - 4 / 0

Asia Dewalt, AIM, L10
Emily Gaskins, Intensity, elite
Jensie Givens, South Coast, L10
Griffin James, Gymstrada, L10
Tia Kiaku, transfer from Ball State
Sania Mitchell, Jamjev, L10; graduating early to join in January
Shallon Olsen, Omega, Canada Sr. High Performance

Alaska; release;  roster

3 / 0

Alex Britz, Auburn Gymnastic Center, L10
Rachel Decious, Gold Medal, L10
Katelyn Fandrich, Sparkle City, L10
Ali Marvel, Denali, L10

Arizona; release;  release;  roster


Kennedi Davis, Fuzion, L10
Asia Rose DuVernay, Geddert's, L10
MacKinzie Kane, Carter's, L10
Alivia Kendrick, Perfection, L10
Melissa Mascarenas, Arizona Dynamics, L10

Arizona State; release; release 2;  roster


Jasmine Gutierrez, SCEGA, L10
Kaitlin Harvey, Gold Medal, L10

Stephanie Tripodi, North Stars, L10

Arkansas; release;  roster


Katarina Derrick, Pearland Elite, L10
Amanda Elswick, Capital, L10
Kennedy Hambrick, Reflex, L10
Bailey Lovett, KPAC, L10
Savannah Pennese, Rowland Ballard

Auburn; release; roster

 2 -3 / 0 to 2

Sabrina Cheney, Orlando Metro, L10
Molly Frack, Parkettes, former jr. elite/L10
Derrian Gobourne, Lakewood Ranch, L10
Reid Schaefer, World Class, L10
Mia Schlarbaum, Rochester, L10
Sydney Wrighte, Hill's, L10

Ball State; release;  release 2; roster


Sandra Elsadek, Lakewood Rach, L10
Marina Liveisberger, High Point, L10
Marissa Nychyk, Ball State, L10
Maria Ramsey, Docksiders, L10
Stefanie Schweikert, Queen City, L10

Sari Thaler, Aim High, L10
Lauren Volpe, Libertyville, L10
Juliette Wiest, Fuzion, L10

Boise State;  release;   release 2;  roster

 4 / 0

Tessa Depasquale, Avant Coeur, L10
Hope Masiado, Girl's Co-Op, L10
Danielle Shafer, CGI, L10
Samantha Smith, Auburn Gymnastics, L10
Alexis Stokes, WOGA, L10

Bowling Green; release;  release 2; roster

3 / 0

Paige Bachner, Xquisite, L10
Katelyn Goldstrom, Gymsport Athletic, L10
Anna-Maria Kanyai, Czech National Team, TR/University of Finance and Administration
Tess Muir, ENA Paramus, L10

Bridgeport (Div II); roster


Hayley Bangart, Active Athletics, L10
Varvara Diakakis, Infiniti, L10
Crystal Gwinn, Suncoast, L10
Emma Haaser, All Stars, L9
Emma Humphrey, Aim High, L10
Juliana Roland, Cherry Hill, L10
Jordan Streete, Roots, L10

Brown; release;  roster


Mei Li Costa, Arena, L10
Safiya Miller, North Shore, L10
Sophia Petrillo, Brestyan's, L10
Abby Walsh, Olympia, L10

BYU; release;  roster

Rachel Bain, Olympus, L10
Sarah Barron, HITS, L10
Rebekah Bean, Barefoot, L10
Lexi Griffith, Metroplex, L10
Kelly Higginson, SCATS, L10
Gabrielle Hubbard, All American, L10
Ashley Kernan, Paramount Elite, L10
Alexis Mather, Olympus, L10
Sadie Miner, All American, L10
Adeline Rieder, United Sports, L10
Brittney Vitkauskas, All American, L10

California, Berkeley (Cal); release; release 2; roster

 4 / 0

Maya Bordas, Capital, L10
Talitha Jones, Precision, L10
Milan Clausi, USA Gymnastics World, L10
Grace Quinn, Texas Dreams, L10
Abigail Solari, The Academy, British Elite

California, Davis (UC Davis); release; roster


Liah Bosworth, San Mateo, L10
Lauren Chu, South Coast, L10
Cortney Cunningham, Pacific West, L10
Devon Kiehne, WOGA, L10
Shannon Sklow, Azarian, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA); Rel 1Rel 2;  roster


Norah Flatley, Chow's, jr. international elite
Margzetta Frazier, Atlantic Coast, jr. international elite
Sara Taubman, Head over Heels, L10
Sekai Wright, AGA, L10

Central Michigan; release;  roster

3 / 0

Sierra DiMarinis, Roots, L10
Alaina Kosto, Hunt's, L10
Morgan Tong,TriStar, Canada L10

Cornell; release;  roster


Valerie Aubley, Airborne, L10
Michelle Espinosa, Leyva, L10
Haley Kondo, World Class Gymnastics, L10
Miranda Lund, Hotshots, L10
Sara Maughan, All Stars, L10
Donna Webster, Cascade Elite, L10

Denver; release;  release 2;  roster

 3 - 4 / 0

Natalie Morton, Texas Dreams, L10
Alexandria Ruiz, ACE, L10
Maddie Quarles, Twin City, L10
Alexis Vasquez, Chow's, L10/former elite

Eastern Michigan; release;  release 2;  roster


Shannon Gregory, Head over Heels, L10
Brooke Hylek, Geddart's, L10
Carly Kosanovich, X-Cel, L10
Charlotte Reynolds, 10.0 Academy, L10
Karalyn Roberts, Splitz, L10
Caitlin Satler, United Gymnastics, L10

Florida; release;  release 2;  roster


Leah Clapper, Gym America, elite
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson's, elite
Nya Reed, Capitol, L10
Savannah Schoenherr, Oconee Gymnastics, L10
Halley Taylor, LaFleur's, L10
Trinity Thomas, Prestige, sr. international elite

George Washington; release;  release 2; roster

4 / 0

Paige Apperson, Silvia's, L10
Simone Banen, North Stars, L10
Deja Chambliss, Richmond Olympiad, L10
Olivia Raymond,  North Stars, L10
Olivia Zona, 10.0 Academy, L10

Georgia; release;  release 2;  roster

 3 - 4 / 0

Alexa Al Hameed, Triad, L10/former jr. elite
Sterlyn Austin, Georgia Elite, L10
Rachel Baumann, WOGA, elite/L10; a year early
Samantha Davis, North Stars, L10
Rachael Lukacs, North Stars, L10
Mikayla Magee, Reflex, L10
Alyssa Perez-Lugones, Georgia Gymnastics Academy, L10
Megan Roberts, Canada Sr. High Performance
Abbey Ward, Orlando Metro, L10

Illinois; release;  roster

3 / 0

Morgan Bixler, transfer from Maryland
Mallory Mizuki, Olympia, L10
Shaylah Scott, Metroplex, L10
Torie Stotz, IGI, L10
Erin Weisel, SCEGA, L10

Illinois-Chicago; roster


Tirzah Delph,DeVeau's, L10
Rylie Johnstone, Mid-Island, L10
Alisa Sheremeta, Galaxy, L10

Illinois State; release; release 2roster

3 / 0

Charlise Doctor, Excalibur, L10
Sofia Iribarren, Spain, elite
Mia Quigg, Fuzion, L10

Iowa; release;  roster


Allie Gilchrist, Chow's, L10
Alexandra Greenwald, American Twisters, L10
Lauren Guerin, Olympia Hills, L10
Bridget Killian, Legacy Elite, L10
Jacqueline Kranitz, Colorado Aerials, L10
Mackenzie Vance, Olympia Hills, L10

Iowa State; release;  roster


Kelsey Boychuk, 5280 Gymnastics, L10
Natalie Horowitz, Tim Daggett, L10
Maddy Langkamp, LaFleur's, L10
Makayla Maxwell, Go For It, USA, L10
Ana Palacios, Spanish National Team, Elite
Izzy Rodrequez, KGDC, L10
Meixi Semple, Gemini, Sr. High Performance
Avery Stoll, Gym X-Treme, L10
Samantha Strickler, Tampa Bay, L10
Phoebe Turner, Academy Portishead, UK, Elite
Grace Woolfolk, Gymstars, L10

Kent State; roster

 4 / 0

Katelyn Arnett, Olympic Dreams, L10
Riley Danielson, Legacy, L10
Elizabeth Fulton, Adrenaline, L10
Samantha Henry, ASAP, L10
Madison Iannuzzo, JPAC, L10
Camryn Klein, DeVeau's, L10
Kendra Lindway, Gymnastics World
Madison Trott, Olympic Dreams, L10

Kentucky; release;  roster

4 / 0

Josie Angeny, Prestige, L10
Anna Haigis, Queen City, L10
Cally Nixon, International Gymnastics Training Center, L10
Arianna Patterson, Metroplex, L10

Lindenwood (Div II); release

2 - 3 partial / 0

Nikki Baars, Crystal Lake, L10
Hadley Roberts, St Louis Gymnastics, L10
Paige Sorensen, Desert Devils, L10

LSU; roster


Rebecca D'Antonio, Cypress Pointe, L10
Bailey Ferrer, Brandy Johnson's, L10/former elite, graduating early

Maryland; release;  roster


Sanya Glauber, Wildfire, L10
Alexsis Rubio, Arena, L10
Tiara Wright, transfer from WVU

Michigan; release;  roster

Abby Brenner, Twin City Twisters, L10
Anna Dayton, Twistars, L10 (Sophomore)
Abby Heiskell, Southeastern, L10
Maddie Mariani, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Anne Maxim, transfer from MSU
Natalie Wojcik, Stallone, L10

Michigan State; release;  roster

 2 / 0

Sydney Ewing, WOGA, L10
Ashley Hofelich, Oakland, L10
Alaina Raybon, Gymnastics & More, L10
Shannon St. Jean, transfer from BGSU

Jenna Wicker, WOGA, L10
Alyssa Wiedeman, Perfection, L10

Minnesota; release;  release 2;  roster

 3 / 0

Carson Cronin, Elite Gymnastics Academy, L10
Kaitlyn Higgins, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, L10
Abbie Nylin, Twin City, L10
Tiarre Sales, Gymcats, L10
Ali Sonier, LaFleur, L10
Andrea Stacik, Bartlett, L10
Hannah Willmarth, transfer from Washington

Missouri; release;  roster

Francis Bidwill, Desert Devils, L10
Mya (Mulligan) Cotner, HITS, L10
Hannah McCrary, CGA, L10

Nebraska; release;  roster

3 / 0

Adnerys DeJesus, Darien YMCA, L10
Sarah Hargrove, CGA, L10
Abigail Johnston, American Twisters, L10
Kaylee Quinn, North Stars, L10
Megan Thompson, Desert Lights, L10

New Hampshire; release;  release 2;  roster

 3 / 0

Hannah Baddick, Frederick, L10
Alexandra Cucich, Action, L10
Hailey Lui, Silvia's, L10
Mariella Miele, North Stars, L10
Hannah Roderick, Cape Code, L10 (soph)

North Carolina; release;  roster


McKenna Appleton, Hill's, L10; will start in January 2019
Leah Gneco, Galaxy, L10
Julianna Love, TRC, L10
Emily White, transfer from Iowa State

North Carolina State; release;  roster


Katie Cox, Sonshine, L10; joining in January 2018
Kailin Foland, Team Attraction, L10
Meredith Robinson, Everest, L10
Alexis Sheppard, CGI, L10
Haley Zarett, Central Bucks, L10

Northern Illinois; roster


Nicolette DiPrisco, Head Over Heels (NJ) Gymnastics, L10
Morgan Hooper, Nebraska School of Gymnastics, L10
Tara Kofmehl, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Kelsey Martz, New Heights, L10
Liana Roman, Connecticutt Gymnastics Centre, L10

Ohio State; release;  roster

4 / 0

Claire Gagliardi, Olympic Dreams, L10
Kaitlyn Gilson, Twin City Twisters, L10
Sydney Jennings, Olympia, L10
Colby Miller, Perfection, L10
Miriam Perez, AOGC, L10
Kali Schierl, Russell, L10

Oklahoma; release;  roster

 3 / 1

Emma Lapinta, Kurt Thomas, L10
Karrie Thomas, transfer from Maryland
Olivia Trautman, Twin City, L10
Allie Stern, Perfect Balance, L10

Oregon State; release;  release 2;  roster

Leah Bivrell, Colorado Gymnastics Institute, L10
Madison Dagen, San Mateo, L10
Alex McClung, The Athletic Edge, L10
Kristina Peterson, Metropolitain, L10

Penn; roster


Ava Caravela, North Stars, L10
Libby Garfoot, Omega, L10
Lauren Joost, CGI, L10
Sydney Kraez, Tim Daggett
Sophia Restaino, North Stars, L10
Natalie Yang, San Mateo, L10

Penn State; release;  roster

 2 / 0

Erynne Allen, Jr, transfer from Kentucky
Melissa Astarita, Action Gymnastics, L10
Dymiana Cox, Parkettes, L10
Donna Howell, United Sports Academy, L10

Pittsburgh; release;  roster

 3 / 0

Katie Chamberlain, Paramount Elite, L10
Rebekah Jenkins, Docksiders, L10
Caitlyn Kline, Northeast, L10
Olivia Miller, Gymkhana, L10
Kiley Robatin, ASAP, L10

Rutgers; roster


Mia Betancourt, Berk's, L10
Kiera Doherty-Herwitz, MEGA, L10
Abigail Karolewski, Head Over Heels, L10
Sage Littlejohn, Orlando Metro, L10

San Jose State; release;  roster

2 / 0

Tia Gin, Performance Athletics Gymnastics
Jasmine Henley, Redwood Empire, L10
Samantha Hoston, Byers, L10
Anna Jabs, South Coast, L10

Antonia Marquez, Desert Lights, L10
Carli Orcutt, Arizona Dynamics, L10

Sacramento State; release;  roster

Wanda Deriot, TRC South Coast, L10
Karissa Hoffman, Desert Lights, L10
Amber Koeth, Gymcats, L10
Shaye Mathias, 5280, L10
Nicole Nebel, GymJam, L10
Destiny Watley, Central California Gymnastics Institute, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II); roster

2 partial

Emily Anderson, Jenks, L10
Kayla Chan, Waller's GymJam, L10
Emma Lamping, GAGE, L10
Ciello Magsanide, Rainbow, L10
Lilja Olafsdottir, Bozhi's Gymnest/Iceland, L10
Kayli Tran, Olympica, L10

Southern Connecticut State (Div II); roster


Chelsea Baker, Ace, L10,
Cassidy GIrolamo, Gymnastics Express Too, L10
Bell Lanata, Gymnastics Express, L10
Noely Macias, Nashoba, L10
Natalie McCormack, Connecticutt Gymnastics Academy, L10
Hannah Stahlbrodt, Gym Connection 2, L10

Southern Utah; release;  roster

4 / 0

Mayson Bentley, SUU Academy, L10
Caitlin Kho, Winner's, L10
Karley McClain, All American, L10
Shylen Murakami, Gymcats, L10
Rachel Smith, SUU, L10
Stephanie Tervort, Nebo, L10
Emma Wissman, GTC Utah, L10

Southeast Missouri; release; roster

 3 / 0

Anna Kaziska, Champions, L10
Makenzie Marciniak, Missouri Valley, L10
Maya Tran, Brown's LV, L10

Stanford; release;  roster


Madison Brunette, Emerald City, L10
Morgan Hoang, Houston Gymnastics Center, L10
Eve Micco, Arizona Sunrays, L10
Wesley Stephenson, Legacy Elite, L10
Grace Waguespack, Gymnastics USA, L10

Temple;  release;  roster


Ariana Castrence, Unique Gymnastics, L10
Loriana Leynes, ASAP, L10
Taylor Newland, Universal, L10
Jackie Terpak, Prestige, L10

Texas Woman's (Div II); release;  release 2;  roster

 4 Partial / 0

Ellie Ambs, J&R, L10
Mackenzie Balderas, US Gold, L10
Sadie Bish, Legacy, L10
Dominika Bonzagni, USA Gold, L10
Isabel Goyco, Aerial Athletics, L10
Alyssa Page, Gymnastix, L10
Natalie Payne, Gymnastics USA, L10

Towson;  roster

2 / 0

Nicole Borkowski, New Heights, L10
Emerson Hurst, Starlight, L10
Jasmine Kauffman, Lakewood Ranch, L10
Leah Smith, Gymstrada, L10

Utah; release;  release 2; roster

4 / 0

Hunter Dula, Southeastern, L10
Cameron Hall, Capital (VA), L10
Cristal Isa, Gymcats, L10
Adrienne Randall, SCEGA, L10

Utah State; release;  release 2;  roster

 3 / 0

Carley Bayles, Athletes in Motion, L10
Caitlin Gray, Gymnastics Express Too, L10
Grace Rojas, Manjak's, L10
Madeline Straker, Manjak's, Sr. High Performance
Madi Tueller, transfer from SEMO
Glory Yoakum, Pearland Elite, L10
Bonnie Ziegenfelder, Sun Country, L10

Washington; release; release 2roster

5 / 0

Brenna Brooks, WOGA, L10; graduating a year early
Talia Brovedani, Head Over Heels, L10
Amara Cunningham, Galaxy, L10
Madeline McLellan, Calgary Gymnastics Centre, sr. high performance (elite)
Meaghan Ruttan, Calgary Gymnastics Center, sr. high performance (elite)
Hannah Vandenkolk, Coastal, L10

West Chester; roster


Annie Bailey, Nashoba, L10
Sarah Bell, Pittsburgh Northstars, L10
Ashley Duke, Apollo, L10
Rose Fanara, Paragon, L10
Brashlyn Johnson, Thomas Gymnastics, L10
Mckenna Kissinger, Ferderick, L10

Western Michigan; release;  roster


Tess Abbott, High Point, L10
Emily Carless, Branch, L10
Alyssa Keller, All American Flames Gymnastix, L10

Carissa Ludwig, Stars and Stripes, L10
Shailyn St. Brice, Everest, L10
Carleigh Stillwagon, Head Over Heels, L10

West Virginia; release;  release 2;  roster

4 / 0

Esperanza Abarca, WOGA, L10
Mackenzie Black, United Sports Academy, L10
Kendra Combs, Gymnastics Express, Too, L10
Rachel Hornung, Pittsburgh Northstars
Kristin Lang, Rochester, L10
Taylor Sell, Prestige, L10

William and Mary; roster


Chloe Campbell, Bull City, L10
Caileigh Gulotta, Infiniti Elite, L10
Samantha Sakti, AOGC, L10

Winona State;  roster


Hailey Bryant, Texas Best, L10
Katie Curtis, Watertown
Maya Fernando, Team Ontario, L10
Sarah Fortuna, Bartlett, L9
Hailey Illi, Park Center
Gabrielle Johnson, Laketown, L9
Hannah Matuszak, SoCo, L10
Jamie Scherdin, Gym Academy of Rockwood, L10
Mackenzie Velarde, Pacific Coast, L9
Kaitlyn West, Diamond, L10

Yale; roster


Lindsay Chia, Rose City, Canadian sr. high performance
Seina Cho, Omega, Canadian high performance
Kendal Toy, Metropolex, L10

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using this form.  Official Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

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Other Policies:

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Please note some colleges listed below do not offer non-need based aid or do so only on a limited basis.  Some colleges offer partials, and others have other non-athletic scholarships available.  Only Div I and II colleges are listed. 

Walkons will only be listed until after May 1st of each recruiting year, unless a confirmation is received and only then the athlete's name will still remain italicized.  Please note that walkon status is not always known, even when rosters are published.  Also, some schools do not finalize rosters until after Fall training has begun.  Also, an intended walkon may change her plans.

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Men's Commits 2015-2016

This list contains gymnasts who have publicly committed to schools for the 2015-2016 season.  As always, corrections are welcomed and encouraged.

Items in italics will be considered verbal commit "rumors", until a signing or intent to attend is publicly confirmed. However, many of these "rumors" may have actually been submitted by the gymnast, their family, or club. For consistency, the site will continue to be updated as information becomes public. Where available, links are provided to press releases, web sites, and newspaper articles.  Please note due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to confirm a commit directly with the source nor with the college.

Please see the FAQ section of this site for a further explanation of the policies for this site.

Updated:  12/2/15



Air Force; releaseroster

Casey Branin, New HopeRyan Girouard, Gymnastics & More
Alex Hess, Gallagher's
Christian Kalustian, Elevate
Eric Klein, Daggett's
Troy Mather, Aerial
Jake Stanley, Alamo
Lukas Texeira, Salto
Jonah Urlaub, SCATS

Army; release; roster

Colton Bradley, Gymnastics & More
Cole Casanova, WOGA
James Gamarra, Apollo
Elliott Herman, SJSU/California Sports Center
Elijah-Ty Phelps, Apollo
Brandon Shively, LaFleur's

California, Berkeley; release;  roster

Mitchell Awisus, UNR
Bailey Chang, Azarian
Aaron Mah, Phoenix, Canada
Hayden McCarey, Arizona Flairs
Harrison Plate, Stanford Boy's
Roshan Toopal, Aspire

Illinois; release; roster

Alex Diab, Premier
Johnny Jacobson, USA Gymnastics World
Austin Lober, Gold Cup
Blake Martin, International Gymnastics
Ross Thompson, Emerald City

Illinois Chicago; roster

Wes Diveney, Premier West
Steen Haugsted, G&J Speedway
Patrick Howard, Daggett's
Ethan Sansone
Keawe Winstead

Iowa; roster

Todd Beyer, Iowa Gym Nest
Jake Brodarzon, ENA Gymnastics
Wesley Estrada, World Class
Kevin Johnson, Geddart's
Ryan Ruckdaschel, Eyas
Rogelio Vazquez, Orlando Metro

Michigan; roster

Corey Aurentz, Apollo
Matthew Beck, New Era
Brandon Burns, Huntsville
Emyre Cole, Go For It USA
Ryan Dunning, Eagle Ridge
Uche Eke, Fairland
Mitchell Gornto, High Point
Justin Hopgood, Greater Kalamazoo
James Hudson, Crenshaw
Jack Jerry, Michigan Academy of Gymnastics
Anthony McCallum, USOTC
Sam Su, Trousdell
Matthew Whitaker, North Valley

Minnesota; release;  roster

Michael Harris, Swiss Turners
Shaun Herzog, Daggett's
Vitali Kan, Swiss Turners
Justin Karstadt, Futures (Canada)
Ryan Wangler, Classic
Ben Winkel, Classic

Navy; roster

Christian Correale, ASAP
Mitchell Fornek, Premier West

Nebraska;  release;  roster

Heath Anderson, Xtreme
Jordan King, Cypress
Anton Stephenson, DeVeau's

Ohio State; release;  roster

Joey Bonanno, Sterling
Tristan Burke, WOGA
Chris Coombs, Champions
Alec Yoder, InterActive

Oklahoma; release;  roster

Levi Anderson, Cypress
Jaime Da Silva Lugo, Puerto Rico
Peter Daggett, Daggett's
Eric Holley, USA Gymnastics World
William Kell, Crenshaw
Collyn Kellogg, Champion
Yul Moldauer, 5280 Gymnastics
Giovanni Rossoni, Fairland
Genki Suzuki, Montgomery County

Penn State; roster

Matthew Bunke, KMC
Michael Burns, Hocking Valley
Chris Sands, Prestige
Alex Thomason, Champion
Wyatt Tyndall, Taiso, Canada

Springfield; roster

Isaiah Burgess, Oecan State
Andrew Carter, North Florida
Stephen Frost, Stumpf's
Jannik Haas, California Sports Center
Joe Medina, Elmira

Stanford; release; roster

Grant Breckenridge, Buffalo Grove
Josiah Eng, Swiss Turners
Tucker Haas, Zenith
Luke Sturm, Stick It
Barrett Weiss, Payke
Gareth Weiss, Payke

William and Mary; roster

David Allen, Harpeh
Jacopo Gliozzi, Capital
Peter Makey, Mini-Hops
David Watkins, St. Louis

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